Sunshine and Onions

Picture of food prepared at Alborz Restaurant in Austin, Texas. I wonder what Tameshk and Hossein think of this restaurant's food! It looks great, don't you think?
It's a cold, dark, and rainy Sunday. One might take such a day to be gloomy and melancholic. It isn't such a day for me! My son came home for the holidays yesterday. He will be around for several weeks now. I am actually caught up on most of my outstanding writing commitments, and for the first time in a few weeks I feel a little more in control of what's happening around me! I may have worried a few of my good friends by the disappearing act of the past few days, and for that I apologize! Heeh! I am chipping away at a very large photo essay I am writing about my life in the San Francisco Bay Area. The project is complicated, because hundreds of photographs have to be numbered and sequenced to match the chronology of the text I am writing. When I get caught in that maze, I can't find my way out to do other things!
In celebration of our first weekend together, my kids and I and their friend Ardavan will be having Chelo Kabab in a few minutes! I'm so excited to be eating my favorite food with my kids on a Sunday. Simple joys of life always impress me the most! I think I will have a big fresh onion with my lunch, too! We will go to see a movie together tonight. It's a beautiful and bright day for me, despite the weather. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves wherever you are, near and shoulder by shoulder of those you love most in life. I hope you reach out and kiss them if the urge hits you. As for me, I'll do that just before I eat my onion! Be good y'all!


Anonymous said...

I really miss Austin, Berkeley is cold these days, and beautiful girls are in vancouver right now.

Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

How wonderful that your son is home for the holidays :) So glad that you'll get to enjoy having him around for a few weeks.

That picture of Chelo Kabab looks delicious...problem is now I'm really craving Chelo Kabab! Unfortunately tonight's dinner is most probably soup that came out of a can :)

يكي مثه همه said...

even in Iran this picture makes me feeel hungry!
Im happy you're with your beloved kids and having kabab and watching movies, this means alot for lots of people! and Im sure this is enough for you too, to feel the happiest sweetest adorable lady in the world!
have fun

nasim said...

I hope all your days are as beautiful and joyful as today!