The Western Man's Music of Our Hearts

Kees van den Doel plays Laleva, a Mazandarani tune on the Ney with an Iranian ensemble (I think their name may be Sheevash, but I'm not sure). Isn't that fabulous? I searched high and low for Mr. van den Doel on the internet, but couldn't find out much about him. Hopefully he will find us, as it has happened in the past! I want to know where he learned to play the Persian Ney like that!

Enjoy this fun and beautiful piece of music everybody, and have a great Friday! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention...I'm exhausted! I had to do some things for my friends and had to work on a bunch of writing for work today, so I'm all "typed" and "written" out! I promise to write something meaningful tomorrow, but I also promise not to bombard you with posts like I did last night! I had to peal myself away from the keyboard and take myself to bed last night, or I would have written five more posts, so you guys were spared! That occasionally happens to me, where I have too much emotion and too many thoughts to share, but luckily for you, it always passes! Whatever that burst of energy was, it has been put to good use and it's almost completely exhausted by this hour. Tomorrow will be a great day, I just know it!


Abshar said...

Nazy joon: I discovered your blog by a stroke of luck. Each time I read your posts, I am struck by how beautiful you are. I am overcome by the freedom you have allowed your soul so that it may grow, nourish itself, and experience love. You do not bombard us with your posts. You shower us with love. I wonder about your past, and about the changes you have had to go through to be where you are. I marvel at your capacity to so genuinely experience joy. Keep writing! :)

Hyacinth said...

Nazy Jan,

What a great piece of music :) Love the Persian Ney...thank you for posting it :)

احسان said...

Did you see this link?


There he says:
"I have been playing the Persian ney since 1994, learning mainly from listening to tapes and an occasional lesson from visiting musicians from Iran. After practicing for thousands of hours I can now play somewhat decently. I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I perform regularly with players from the local Persian community."