Bouquet of Life

I found another rendition of Del-e-Koochooloo. Composer Anoushiravan Rohani plays the pinano with Mahyar Bahraminasab on Tombak with a symphony and opera singers. Delightful!

Life has been crazy for me lately. I know life is crazy, because I haven't been able to keep my blogs up, and this being my refuge, my home, and where I write from my heart, you will know that my life has been really crazy!
I wished I had something good to show for all the hard work and the distractions. I don't. I'm stuck in a whirlwind which saps all my energy and leaves me exhausted all the time, without any tangible fruit. It is getting to me and I hate it when anything gets to me. One of these days I will have to stop and go back to page 1, where I will have to re-group and re-prioritize my life. I know it has to be done and I've been putting it off. Not good.
On a happier note, my niece and her husband will arrive from Tehran tomorrow. There is something really exciting and a little sad about their move to the US. It's exciting because I love my niece who has been the last member of my immediate family still living in Tehran, and it will be good for all of us to be reunited finally. It is sad, because all of a sudden I am aware that Tehran will never be the same for me again. The thought of having no family to go back to is a sad one. I know I will still have secondary and distant relatives and beautiful new and old friends in Iran, but something important will be missing in my life from now on.
Anyhow, I have been so aware of my posessions in life recently. Mostly non-material, I hold a beautiful and colorful bouquet of assets in my arms these days--my relationships. I am all the more cognizant of that wealth these days, as I have been missing my friends and family a lot. I think I need to start making up for my neglect. I'll start here and work my way through all that I have to do to celebrate my bouquet of life. Have a good Thursday everybody!


Chakameh Azimpour said...

Welcome back Nazy joon. I was getting worried about you.

jeerjeerak said...

i hope many of life's problems untangle for you soon, Nazy joonam. I'm happy that you came and updated your blog. I missed your posts and i miss you.
Be good, azizam:)

مسعود said...

قبل از اینکه بگی:اوه مسعود..... کجایی تو.... نیستی، من خودم میگم:از 10/9/87 یکماه حج بودم.آنجادر اولین نگاه به خانه دوست همه دوستان دیده و ندیده را یاد کردم.به نام حقیقی یا مجازی.تو و دوستان و خوانندگان خوب و مهربانت را هم.آرزو کردم تو و اهل بیت ات و دوستانت به هر چه که می خواهید برسید.پس چیز خوب بخواهید! که از خدا فقط خوب میرسد.یکروز در مکه مکرمه دسترسی بود پاسخ دوستان را دادم و دعایتان کردم.از وقتی هم که برگشته ام با بلاگ اسپات مشکل داشتم تا امروز. باقی بقایتان

Anonymous said...

Hey again!
Welcome back!
It is so nice to see your new post and I hope you write more often Nazy jan.
As you said, life is crazy; I know! Even crazier for me these days...but I'm just trying to write so that I can forget...

Be happy all the time.

Mitra said...

I found time to get back to your page after ages and as usual very nice , I love the way you write.

shohreh said...

:) منم دل تنگ اینجا شدم. این روزها با موسیقی زندگی می کنم فقط! پر از لبخند شدم. ممنون

Zan Amrikai said...

Nazyjoon, I feel the same way about things some days. The sleeping is not so good, the worries are a bit more than they had been, the prospects seem less endless. C'est la vie, huh? Keep in touch so we can get our thing going. Make a cup of tea (or pour a glass of wine!) and go into Nazy once more and reconnect with who you are at heart, irrespective of time or place. Vaaghan naazi toh!

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی عزیزم
امیدوارم در جمع فامیل خوب و خوش باشی.
چشمممان به نوشته مسعود هم روشن شد این آخرشبی.قبول باشه انشالله


Nasim said...

Nazy jan, I was getting worried about you.. and I am very happy to are back. It is always a delight for me to read your posts.
and I understand what mean.. being in a similar situation. a friend used to tell me that when life gets tough for us, it is our angle trying to show us the right way.

مسعود said...

سلام مرضیه خانم
خوان هست و صاحب خانه نیست.پس چاره چیست؟
چشم شما همیشه روشن باد.خداوند از من ناچیز قبول کند،به برکت دستهایی که آنروزها بیدریغ بر آسمان می شد.
پایدار باشید

Aida said...

Greeting Nazy jaan,

Hope everything gets back in the right way soon soon.Take good care of yourself,please.

Masoud khaan,I donot know you,but your writing about your prays touched my heart.Warmest regards,

cuckoo said...

only simple jobs are doable, so makes things simple :)

مسعود said...

سلام آیدا خانم
شرمنده فرمودید.قلبتان همیشه گرم و دستتان بخشنده باد.این تشکر یه جورایی از طرف صاحب خانه هم هست.شاید پیداش بشه
شاد و سلامت باشید

Nazy said...

Salam bar doostan-e aziz tar az jan!

I am so sorry for having been tardy in getting back to you all and keeping up my blogs! Life is happening too fast for me and I'm not keeping up that well!

I just popped in to say, THANK YOU for noticing that I had gone AWOL! Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for being loyal and coming back to see about me!

I am starting a new season in my life and I am having a hard time coping with competing priorities and some things which bother me a bit. This being the internet age, where I am like an open book for all to see, reading my thoughts and details about my personal life, I have been kept from talking about what really ails and bothers me. It won't last, and I'll soon be back to being open and flowing with my thoughts and sentiments!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being my friends and readers.

I am delighted sweet Masoud is back, now a Haji. Congratulations on making the journey, Masoud Jan. Before I die, I, too, will go to a place where so many people gather and pray. I want to feel that energy.

Please don't go away and stay with me! I'll try harder to keep up with the crazy pace of my life, writing more often.

Much much kisses and hugs to each and every one of you. I do love you all more than I can say.

Please pray for me and pray for Hadi's sister who is not well.