Down The Road of Love

The quickest and most efficient way I know to tell you that I'm alright is to share a one minute video clip of a drive we took down to Santa Cruz last week. The voices belong to a singer on CD, myself and my older son. The music is a medley of old Khorasani folk songs which my friend Hadi gave me a couple of years ago.

I have been put through the wringer recently, but I'm slowly but surely re-emerging. I have so much to tell you, and I will say it until you get bored with me! You will see. I love you all and I thank those of you who missed me and wrote. It was a good feeling to be missed--I particularly needed it over the past few weeks. Thank you for helping me remember that for every bad thing there are thousands of good things, and that for every malicious person in this world, there are thousands who are capable of love, trust, and integrity. I'll be back with more stuff soon! I love you all. I do. Yes, I do.


Daisy said...

You have not idea how much energy I get by reading your blog. No one would ever get bored by you.
That was a fantastic music and I can’t wait to read more.
take care Nazy jan and I love you too.

مسعود said...

سلام دوست بازآمده من
فی الحال خوشحالیم و همه اش تشکرآلات است و از گله آلات خبری نیست.

این نفس جان دامنم بر تافتست
بوی پیراهان یوسف یافتست
کز برای حق صحبت سالها
بازگو حالی از آن خوش حالها
تا زمین و آسمان خندان شود
عقل و روح و دیده صد چندان شود

Ahmadreza said...

Good to hear from you :D

Azita said...

Happy Mother’s Day, Nazy jan, today, tomorrow and all the days that follow.



Lonely Mountain said...

سلام نازی! مرسی برای آهنگ, البته پنجاه ثانیه اش. همراهیتون هم با خواننده خوب بود! ه
و خوشحالم که بعد از مدتی بازگشتید


kamy said...

dear nazy
nice writing ...
yes, I believe in good people allover the world.

Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

Sorry to hear you've been put through the wringer but glad to hear that you're re-emerging :)

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.

Esfand` said...

Hi Nazy Jan!! :)
Its such a cute clip, and yes exactly perfect way to let us know that you are in best of your spirits.
I am soo late on this post, but I am sure you will still be as bright and full of love and hope as you always are!
Lots of love for you and your smart kids!! :)
Have a bright and splendid week!

maral said...

vay, kheili ziba bud.lezzat bordam.