Music in the kitchen

I live with two men. They are tall and handsome. They are wise and kind. Nobody in this world would probably ever love these men as much as I do, for I am their mother.
They come and go, eat, sleep, watch TV, study, fight, make up, laugh, and on increasing occasions, feel in love with or heartbroken by a woman. We are a normal family or not. I don't know, and I don't care. I care that I live with two good men. They are good to me, to each other, and to their friends.
More than once, I have asked myself whether I have done a good job in raising my children so that they are sure and grounded with their identities, their roots, their heritage, and the world that could benefit so much from people like them who know more than one language, have traveled extensively since they were infants, and who have compassion for mankind world over. Time will tell what kind of human beings they will be. To be sure, for now they are both understated and humble adults, just as I like to see adults.
I was sitting at my usual spot, working on my computer as usual this evening. My younger son and his friend Farhad arrived and went directly to the refrigerator, looking for food. I guess my son was really happy to find decent food in the house! As he pulled out the tub of chicken salad and started making himself and his friend a sandwich, I heard him whisper a tune. How sweet! He is singing, I thought momentarily and forgot all about it. A few seconds later, though, the notes from his song made it into my consciousness and heart and gave me a jolt. What is he singing? Is that a Hayedeh song he is whispering?!!! Hayedeh?!!! Hayedeh died in the same year my son was born, you know? My son likes Hayedeh?!! How come?!! Where did this come from? When did this happen?!
I sat here till he finished making his sandwich and whispering his song and go to join Farhad in the other room. I found the Haydeh song and listened to it. The experience moved me enough to come back to writing in my blogs tonight. It has been too long. I miss writing and I miss my friends. Here, listen to the song with me. I feel so good tonight. To be sure, for well over a year, I have not been as happy as I am these days. Things are going my way again. I will write again soon.
Legendary Iranian singer, Hayedeh sings "vay be halesh. (too bad for him)" Music is by Farid Zoland, arrangement by Andranik, Lyrics are by Leila Kasra (Hedieh).


shobeir said...

انگار راست گفته‌اند
تنها صداست که می‌ماند

saayeh said...

good to see you writting again

Nazy said...

Dear Sweet Shobeir:

God, how I have missed you! It is so good to hear from you again.

Yes, Hayedeh's voice lives forever, not so much through YouTube and other media, but through the hearts that continue to be touched with it. My son's heart has been touched by it now.

Shobeir, I think about you and my other friends in Iran a lot. I hope you are safe and well and happy. My thoughts are constantly with Iran these days, parked perpetually somewhere on the streets of my beautiful ugly City.

Be happy, be well, and take care my friend. Thanks again.


Nazy said...

Dear saayeh:

Thank you for coming to visit and for leaving me a note.

You are very kind. I hope to be able to keep up my blogs, something I have neglected for a long time. I miss the comfort of this spot which belongs only to me and my friends. Thank you for being one of my friends!


me said...

Hi Nazy joon,
I've been thinking about you a lot lately. It was good to see a new post from you.

Hadi said...

With love from london !!!

Azita said...

Hi Nazy jan,

Welcome back! I'm so happy to see you writing again. I missed reading your posts so much. congratulations for raising such wonderful sons and bringing them up so well! What a lovely post!

Best wishes,


Daisy said...

you have no idea how much I missed you. It's so good to see you coming back specially with good news :)

midnight/... said...

Nazy joonam it seems we were both rediscovering our motherhood worlds last night! I was flattered to see your comment on my blog my dear Nazy! I yearn to meet you again! Have a happy valentine's day!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogestan!
Hope to see you more frequently and the best of the best wishes for your young guys

Bayramali said...

bah bah che ajab ,Nazy jan, It is great to hear from you and even better when you have started to write again, wish the best and miss you

nasim said...

so good to see you writing again! miss you so much..

Pardis said...

salam Nazy jan,
I'm so happy to see you back to writing and being happy.
I had missed you loads.
Best wishes for you & thanks for sharing your moments
Pardis :)

Nazy said...

Dear Beautiful Friends:

It is absolutely wonderful to hear from all of you again!

I am so sharmandeh for not having kept up my blogs, and for all your kindness to still come back and say good things to me, the big Lazy!

Well, I am back and I want to write here, so I hope to see all of you again real soon.

You give me even more reasons to write. Be happy you all. I'll be back!


Naj said...

Today; loss of a fellow blogger friend has made me blog-surf and find gems! I like yours and shall follow.