Till He Comes

Iranian music ensemble, Dang Show, play an interesting and different rendition of an old Iranian song, "Migoreezad," which is based on an old Azerbaijan folk song, Sari Galin. Very refreshing and different. I loved their new music. I hope they go far.


Atieh said...

I read your weblog from iran, i was wondering why I can't see the clips in your weblog? I just see the writings and photos.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, thanks for sharing

Nazy said...

Dear Atieh Jan:

I am so delighted to know about you my friend. Thank you for coming to visit and for leaving a comment.

The reason you can't see the videos is that YouTube is filtered in Iran. I do apologize for the inconvenience. When I searched this group on the internet, it looked like they had many performances in Tehran to benefit Mahak Cancer Fund. Maybe you can locate them and go to see their performance live! I am sure they are even better on stage.

Thank you again for your kind note Atieh Jan.

اسم این گروه "دنگ شو" است، که از این شعر مولانا می آید:

"اي روح! اينجا مست شو
اي عقل! اين جا دنگ شو"

Take care doost e man!


Nazy said...

NeghNeghoo-ye aziz!

Chetori? I hope you are well my friend! Thanks so much for still remembering me, even though I have been terrible in keeping up my blogs!

Yes, I believe this group are very talented and special, too.

Take care Negh Jan, I have missed your photography. Anything new you'd like to let the rest of us see?


Nancie Mills Pipgras said...

Dear Nazy,

I am an editor with Mosaic Art NOW, (mosaicartnow.blogspot.com) I am doing a story on Monir Farmanfarmaian and found your photos from the Leighton House exhibit. May I have your permission to use them?


Anonymous said...

Hi. You recently linked on iranian.com a video I uploaded on youtube. The video is a rendition of Mevlana's 'Andak Andak' by Shahram Nazeri.

I don't understand Persian but am inexplicably drawn to the cadence of the music and the lyricism of the poem and would love to have the exact translation. My language (Urdu) has some common words with Persian but obviously not enough. I would be really obliged if you could do the translation. You can leave it at my youtube page if it is convenient. Thanks a lot :)


Anonymous said...

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