Till He Comes

Iranian music ensemble, Dang Show, play an interesting and different rendition of an old Iranian song, "Migoreezad," which is based on an old Azerbaijan folk song, Sari Galin. Very refreshing and different. I loved their new music. I hope they go far.


"There's a small hole in my heart
Around which sadness sits these days."
"I hope the hole in your heart would heal soon."
Crackles and static
"Aha's," and silences
Sobs muffled
Worried eyes hidden
Shaking hands concealed
Aching arms
Without a chance for an embrace
Botched goodbyes
A crater sits
Where there once was a hole.
November 2009
San Francisco, California


Going to see Leonard Cohen!

I am soooo excited! I have an invitation to go see Leonard Cohen tomorrow night! I'm soooo excited!