Elections and Nostalgia

Sar oomad zemestoon, or Aaftabkaran, an old revolutionary song is played by two young artists. I love this clip!

I know I said this before--just a few seconds ago, as a matter of fact! Please consider participating in the elections on Friday. Cast your vote to be counted. If even for one day, for one hour, for one minute over the past four years you have worried about a possible attack on Iran, if you have felt shame about things that have happened in Iran, about the way Iran has been represented to the world, or for words that were said by someone else but whose weight you have carried, consider participating in the elections and showing that you care. Be responsible and vote. Iran and Iranians inside Iran need you now.


مریم said...

با اجازتون من متنتون رو گذاشتم تو فیس بوکم! آخرین تلاش هامون رو میکنیم که اون چیزی که میخوایم بشه.

jeerjeerak said...

"Be responsible, and Vote." :)

I loved this clip too. I listened to it over and over since yesterday when i found it in facebook, and tried singing along with it. I took the liberty to change the "tofang" to "khorshid" in my own humming:) Guns are not the solution anymore; the understanding of Civic responsibility is.

Love you.

jeerjeerak said...

I left a comment here earlier...anyway,

". Be responsible and vote. Iran and Iranians inside Iran need you now." :)

I loved this clip. I have been listening to it nonstop since yesterday and learned to sing to it. I took the liberty to change the word "tofang" with "khorshid" in my humming. Guns are no longer the solution for us, but acting responsibly towards our civic duties are.

سیاه said...

Thanks, I will vote,

I wish we could vote not to overthrow Mahmood Geda but to instate a government that had a plan for our country's future. I wish we could ask more from Moosavi and expect more from Karoubi. We are just giving moosavi a free pass. And IMHO he does not deserve it. He lead the "Enghelab Farhagi" and helped the government keep our people uneducated. Kicked out professors and brought ahmadi nejhads to teach in our best universities. This is not what I want but this is who I will vote tomorrow.

I know I will regret my vote in a year but I will vote anyways. And I still believe Karoubi is a much better choice.

thanks for reminding us. may God bless our country and our people.

سیاه said...

Ah, I forgot to quote John F Kennedy here.

"Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask if, you need a ride to the Emeryville polling place" - John F. Kennedy

Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جونم

ما که این جا نتونستیم رای بدیم...خبری بیست خلاصه
سیز و شاد باشی همیشه