Happiness in a cup

Caffe macchiato at Musical Offering in Berkeley.
If I could name the shape of happiness,
If I could show the place of happiness,
If I could describe the smell of happiness,
If I could convey the time of happiness,
If I could elaborate the taste of happiness,
I would tell you
That happiness is a cup of caffè macchiato,
At my favorite coffee shop in Berkeley,
With two fresh madeleines,
An internet connection,
And the world in my hands
Maybe sometimes,
Happiness happens on a Saturday,
Even if you stayed home, jobless, the week before
Maybe some days,
Nestled in your chair,
Fighting anxiety and fear,
There might be a message
That stirs excitement and hope
Sprinkles a smile on your face,
And grabs your heart with joy,
At the thought of love.


Daisy said...

may sunshine and happiness surround you. not only in a coffee shop but everywhere you go and everything you do. I'm thinking of you,Nazy jon.

Mahtab said...

anything on Sunday protest????

Anonymous said...

be nazaretoon nemiad in niroohaye amniati ke daran mardomo mizanan, ye joor hayee shabihe Irani ha nistan, bishtar shabihe Arb ha va lobnanihan, ?

mina said...

Hi Nazy joon maybe happiness could be find in visiting a friend whom you have never seen but are connected in heart and mind. Why don't you pack and come to New York, I promise to take care of you as well as I can and won't let you feel any fear or anxiety. With two dogs, we have enough to keep you busy for life!

maral said...

Reading your words,so sincere
is like having a coffee in my favorite coffee shop.:)