Following A Bird

My younger son dragged me on a walk this evening. He thinks I am spending too much time indoors and behind the computer. He is right. It felt good to walk with him, talking about many different things. When we came upon a creek which runs in our neighborhood, we saw this lone bird, taking a bath in the creek. I took this picture with my cell phone. Though it was a huge bird, I'm not sure the picture is indicative of his size. What was amazing about the bird was one thick and long white feather sticking out of the back of its head, quite unique and beautiful! I wondered whether that long white feather meant that this was a middle-aged bird, or a particularly wise and knowing one!
As we stood there watching this bird, I found myself touched by its serenity. All by himself, not a part of a couple or a flock, he seemed to be spending some time reflecting on things! He wasn't in a rush, nor did he appear anxious; he was very peaceful. I did wonder briefly about what would a bird have on his mind! I then decided that it really was none of my business what birds think about! I thought instead that I, too, should get out more and go reflect by a creek! The nature might provide some breathing space, a thinking pad, for me. I think I will start walking regularly again. I need to find that which the bird had found and seemed to be enjoying this evening. I must.


Chakameh Azimpour said...

Hi Nazy joon. Have you read the book "Jonathan, the seagull" by Richard Bach?

Austin said...

Have you noticed how all creatures seem to agree that sunset is the best time to roam outdoors? It's not only us and the birds -- at no other time will you find more cats on doorsteps, or even insects flying, than twilight. I am happy to learn the wisdom of so many species! Enjoy your walks.

Daisy said...

No wonder that our ancestors had such admiration for nature. Practically most Iranian traditional ceremonies and festivities have to take place in the nature (I think I left you a comment like this before!! Well, I can’t remember anymore). I love long walks too. It helps me to reflect and sort of mediate too. take care nazy jon!

Nazy said...

Hello beautiful friends!

Thank you so very much for coming back and for leaving me comments.

I have installed comments moderation on my blogs tonight. I want to try this out for a bit.

Take care and be happy and I'll be back to write again tomorrow.


Daisy said...

Nazy jon, take a look at this 1000th post by Shobeir. it's true. you were the reason for many friendships. thank you.

Anonymous said...

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