From San Francisco To Kashan

My friend, filmmaker Sabereh Kashi, has an exciting new film project in the works. Here is a first version of her film, "My Home of the Last Seven Millenia." In it she tells the tale of her return to Kashan from San Francisco, in search of a childhood memory. Congratulations to sweet Sabereh for her amibitious and loving project.

(Does anybody know what to do with the "chopped off" display screen of YouTube links on blogspot?)


سیاه said...

God it's great to read something here.

It sounds like an interesting film I will watch it once I get back home (no headphones here). I have been thinking about a life story too, "From Esfahan to Oklahoma -the story of a Jewish kid with an Afro"

If you want to make your video smaller just use the following (I hope the html shows up properly here)

(blogger doesn't let me send html codes I will email it)

Khosrow said...

the film looks very interesting. About the chopped off YouTube vid, you have to change the "dimensions" when you are selecting the code to embed.

jeerjeerak said...

Thanks for sharing this, Nazy jan. My father is from Kashan, and i much enjoyed watching this.

For the youtube format, in the box where you write the post in blogger, go to the "edit html" tab. There you will see a bunch of html code for the youtube video you have embedded in the post. Somewhere in there you'll see a "width=", and "height=" . Reduce those numbers.
Hope this helps.

maral said...

salam nazy jan omidvaram halet khub bashe.in adrese bloge man age vaght kardi sari bzn khosh hal misham nazareto bedunam.
akhare hafteye khubi dashte bashi

Anonymous said...

Nazy jan,
After watching this video I can't stop my tears ...
I came here almost a year ago and since I am on a student visa I couldn't go back for summer , and I 've been feeling terribly homesick in the past few days ...
This video right here , finally pulled the trigger and I can't help the stream running down of my eyes ... I wholeheartedly identify with this person.
Thanks a lot for sharing it .

Nazy said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for your kind words about Sabereh's film.

I'm sorry you are homesick. I know the feeling my friend. We might not be able to go back to Iran for different reasons, but we share in the same feeling.

Whereabouts are you?

I am honored you come here and you read my scriblings. Thank you for being my silent friend.

With Love,


Zahraa said...

Nazy jaan ,

I am not completely anonymous ... I am Zahraa , the girl you did a favor for last year. I am utterly grateful to you because I wouldn't have been able to make it to here if you hadn't sent my I-20 form on time ... and I've always been a loyal fan of your blog :)

There is huge battle going on inside of me between nostalgia , adaptation and oblivion and the winner varies in different points of time . Nevertheless, there isn't much to complain about ... that's life and how it's supposed to be.

BTW, I am a physics grad student at UCLA .

Wish you all the best.