To Do List

My friend Rojan performs a new rendition of the old-time Iranian song, Morgh-e Sahar. You can see more of her music here (I love this one! It makes me so happy every time I listen to it.) and here, where she performs with Pournazeri brothers of Shams Ensemble.

It's Sunday. My older son is home for the weekend. A cup of tea, a window to the green branches of the tall trees outside my window, and a whole day of planned chores await me. I'm still buzzed with a writing class I attended yesterday. I have several pieces of writing in the works and just as soon as I have made a dent in my endless list of long-postponed projects today, I will get busy with the writing. I plan on leaving at least one of them here. I hope you all have a peaceful Sunday. Go and embrace and kiss all those who matter to you in your life. That is the number one item on top of my "To Do" list today. It's been too long.


Daisy said...

Nazy jan, I got goose bumps as I was watching this video clip. You have a very talented friend. xoxo

داستانک said...

گاهی باز خوانی یک آهنگ قدیمی
اون رو لذت بخش تر میکنه!
امیدوارم یک شنبه اتون رو طبق برنامه به خوبی سپری کرده باشید..

Anonymous said...

نوشته های تو همیشه سرشاره از انرژی و امید.برای تو و خانواده خوبت شادی و سلامتی آرزو می کنم عزیزم


Anonymous said...

نتونستم کلیپ رونگاه کنم می گه پرایوته!