The One Two Woman

Santurnavazan Ensemble perform "Ze Ba'ad e Ma," (Beyond our Path) at Tehran University's College of Literature, 2005. This beautiful and uplifting piece of music was recommended by my friend, Bahram. Lovely and interesting variation on the way a Santur is played. Great work!

I threw the dice

Watching the result
A one and a two
I looked at you
And you looked embarrassed
After all your doubles
I smiled
Making do with the tiny move
"I'll take it!
Better move like a turtle
Than to remain stagnant."
You looked puzzled
For the joy exploding nearby
In the form of a big smile
On the face of the woman
Celebrating her one and two.


I played backgammon in the moonlight last night. It was great fun, said the One Two Woman.


parsa said...

Hi dear nazy
Do you remember me?
I am parsa.
plase come to my web.

monda said...

I had never imagined Santour could sound so modern! I love it!

کاوه said...

I liked the the clip but enjoyed the poem even more, though it's really difficult to imagine that "the one and two woman" was celebrating deep in the heart! but well, it really doesn't matter as long as one can throw a double 6 in describing her one and two!

Reza Naserian said...

Hello Friend, i am so excited to read your poems.
i like your blog..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Salam kojaei khanoomi?


Anonymous said...

It's so strange that you're not updating your blog for more than a month. I hope you're fine.
ولی شگفت آور تر اینه که دل انسان نه فقط برای نوشته های دوست داشتنی، بلکه برای نویسنده نادیده و قاعدتا نشناخته هم تنگ بشه. شاید حتی بیشتر از خود نوشته ها! ولی هی! مگه میشه آدما رو بخونی و نشناسیشون، نشناسنت؟
I hope you're fine.

Daisy said...

I wish to read something from Berkeley again.

Mina said...

The music was great, but the poem? it was sublime!