Dinner, Art, And Friendship

O.K. I am going to keep my promise and slowly start to tell you what I have been up to over the past few months! To start, I am going to look at my millions of photographs and share the interesting ones with you. These are pictures from dinner preparations at my artist friends Faranak and Kourosh's home in San Jose. I had the good fortune of being invited to their lovely home in September, along with a very small group. Kourosh was the chef and I want to show you what artistic dinner he served us!
First he prepared the plates with endive leaves, filled with seafood. He and Faranak had made a very delicious mashed potatoes, too. String beans were added to enhance the presentation color and taste. An art project was unfolding before our eager eyes in the kitchen! Grilled salmon was added last, and the plates were painted with a balsamic vinegar sauce. Watch Kourosh add the parsley garnish, too!
We sat around and enjoyed the delicious and beautiful food and the wonderful company, talking about politics and life, telling jokes, and chilling. It was really a wonderful evening. A big blessing in life is having good friends and finding opportunities to to build new friendships. The art and the delicious food are only an added bonus! And of course, knowing a man who can cook like this is not to be underestimated as a personal treasure! I am so lucky!


مسعود said...

سلام دوست هنرشناس من
ای ایرانی خوش اشتها، ای پیرو فلسفه "هزار سر فدای یک شکم" چرا از آن دوست هنرمندت چیزی ننوشته ای؟
برای رعایت عدالت یک پست مجزا به ایشان اختصاص بده.
سالم و تندرست باشی همیشه

Faranak AKA Farah AKA Feri said...

That's my husband for you!
He's quite the gourmet chef, guitar player, singer, painter, electrician, carpenter, ... you name it, he pulls up his sleeves and is on it!
Behtare emshab barash espand dood konam! :):)
Thank you Nazy joon for sharing this with us...It was a pleasure to have you there...and we'll do it again soon.