Nostalgic Today

I found this sweet video clip and I would like to share it with you. A Canada-based band named HamAva has performed Simin Ghanem's 1975 song, Parandeh, The Bird. It is a really beautiful song, full of personal nostalgia for me. The singer does a very good job of singing a song originally performed by what must be one of the most powerful female voices in the history of Iranian music. She doesn't take chances with an imitation, but stays true to the music, sounding sweet and vulnerable. I searched for this HamAva band, but couldn't find anything on them. If any of my friends in Canada know about them, please do share

If you want, you can listen to the original rendition of this song by Simin Ghanem here. Believe it or not, this song was written by Hassan Shamaizadeh. What has happened to that great music man?! How come we never hear songs like this from him any more? This is all we hear from him these days! Nothing wrong with it, but he is capable of so much more. I mean there are thousands of composers who can write this, but not nearly enough who can write this. Just wondering!


Daisy said...

Unfortunately, this is the first time I heard of HamAva band. She is really good. If I hear something I will let you know. How do you find these amazing clips anyway :))

This was the first time that I heard this song by Simin Ghanem. What an amazing voice she has. I loved it. I was so surprised that I didn’t learn about her from my parents before. So I sent the link to my mom to see if she had something to say about it.

Anonymous said...

Nazy jaan,

Thank you for finding this magnificant clip/song. I have listened to it several times over the course of last week. It has made me cry each time. It takes me back to the days of innocence and care-free youth. Ham Ava singer also has a wonderful voice and does a great job of performing this song. Shaad va salaamat baashi.

Jeesh Daram said...

Dear Nazy, Thanks for your comments about my article. It gave me the opportunity to come and visit your beautiful and rich blog. I need to come back and enjoy the treasures more often.

Best Regards,
Jeesh Daram