Dancing In My Shoes......

I am so excited today. This is it! Our "Majority Family Reunion" weekend. Five aeroplanes and a few cars will bring me most of the ones who matter to me most in life! A brother, two sisters, three nieces, and three nephews. I can't afford to get sad thinking about the brother, sister, four nieces, and a nephew who can't come, and how my parents would have felt seeing us all together. It won't do justice to the spirit of this beautiful, chilly spring day in Northern California. It won't do justice to my spirit. This week I met with an interesting man. He has only known me for a few months now, and asked me where I had been before (how come he had never seen me in the circles that I now frequent?). I said to him that I was living another life. Then it struck me how true that statement was! Last year at this time I was living another life; I was another person; an abridged, limited version of myself. This year, I am better. I am slowly opening my wings and taking short flights into new areas of life. I rather like it. It is scary some days and I fear I might fall. Some days I do fall. But nothing life altering! Just some bruises and some aches and pains. Then I get going again. Take notice: I am a happy woman on this, the 23rd day of February, 2007!

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