Lunch With The Ladies

My friend, Jaleh, is a lecturer at Berkeley. She is such a breath of fresh air. She is so understated and humble, yet she knows so much and so many people. We usually go out to lunch and have a blast talking, laughing, and comparing notes! We had our standing lunch date yesterday. She came and brought two of her friends with her. Imagine having chelokabab with three scholarly Iranian ladies! It was such a delightful lunch, listening to an interesting conversation between two of the women, discussing whether or not Iranian women had some type of covering, such as hejab, pre-Islam, during the Sassanian Dynasty. It was invigorating and wonderful to follow the discussion. I was delighted to see that though she is a famous author and a very intelligent and well-versed intellectual, one of the ladies insisted to have piaz with her chelokabab! I was so proud to be at Alborz Restaurant today. I also ran into my old friend, Persis, who, in her own right, is now a scholar, a professor, and an author. None of these descriptions do justice to what a nice and generous woman she is. I should add that I was also touched to see that she had read my articles! She and I decided to get together soon. Well, another lovely day in Berkeley! I am so lucky.

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