I had intended to write a lot earlier this week, but this was a tough week! I find that as I try to continue doing multiple things, the way I have done all my life, because I now tend to favor parts of my life and responsibilities, it is more likely for me to fall behind, fall short, or fall apart! I did submit an article for posting in Iranian.com, which they kindly published and here's the link: http://www.iranian.com/Opinion/2007/January/Action110/index.html . I then kept quiet because there was so much more to do this week. The interview went well, I think, and I am waiting to hear the outcome. Tomorrow my wonderful friend Linda and I will be hosting a dinner in honor of a very good friend of ours. She retired from UC employment in December. It seems only yesterday that I came to work at UC's Northgate Hall as a student, watching my friend Rosemarie with fascination and admiration, learning from her and her effervescent ways. If I am lucky, there will be a small residue in me of the wonderful woman that she is. The big mystery of American life, the American Football Season, will hit its crescendo this weekend. As in all years past, I catch the excitement of all who love it and live it and breathe it for months each year; but, unfortunately, I still don't "get" it! I put money in betting pools at work, I attend Super Bowl parties and eat and drink, and I really love hearing my family and friends yell and scream during the game; but nothing else happens for me! Of course most people don't know this secret about me, so I guess I must be acting the part! I do look forward to Sunday's gathering. I will make a better entry here soon. I just need to replenish my energies and I'll be back with gusto! Nazy

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