In The Company of Friends

I had lunch and tea with my friend, Omid Memarian, in Berkeley today. Omid has been spending his summer doing an internship at the United Nations with Inter Press Service this summer. He has returned to the Bay Area for just a couple of days before going back this weekend. On the last night of the Women's Conference in Berkeley, I had dinner with my friends. When Shahrnush Parsipoor showed up all dressed up to go to the party across the street, I couldn't resist taking a picture of her! Beautiful Luna Shad of VOA asked me to snap this photo of her with the brilliant author. I met sweet Sanam Dolatshahi, Khorshid Khanoom for the first time in person this past weekend. She and Leva posed for me. My good friends Nasrin, Vahid, and Enayat posed with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. I'm sorry I don't know the other lady's name (first from left), but they were all volunteering for the conference, and a great job they did.
Al-vade Vafa! Here are just a few of the many pictures I took last week. As I mentioned, life has been hectic but full of excitement and joy.
When I ran upstairs to pick up my keys and go to work this morning, I found a neatly written letter on my laptop, saying "For Nazy, open it when you get to work!" Curious, I opened it to find out it was a letter from my older son to me. He had written it last night after I had gone to bed. I'm not at liberty to share what it said, but it is one of the most meaningful and beautiful gifts I have ever received in my life. I was late to work again as I had to return to my bedroom to wash my face and reapply my makeup. It has been that kind of day for me, full of unexpected acknowledgements and waves of love and understanding. I wish you the same and a beautiful Friday everyone. I will be spending time with my cousin and my family after work tomorrow and if I have time, I will write again soon. Be good y'all and Happy Friday.


me said...

Nice pictures Nazy jan, thank you!
I wish you a happy Friday too and hope that you enjoy your time with your cousin. :)

Daisy said...

Nazy jon,
What an exciting post, from the pictures to the way you started your day:)
Have a wonderful Friday.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!
I love Shahrnush Parsipoor! I have lived a life with her stories...

Take care and enjoy your time.

Esfand` said...

=D thanks for the pictures, and updates!
Have a great weekend!