All The Women Inside of Me

There is a little girl, bright-eyed and hopeful, inside of me.
There is a young woman, with a brisk gait, a boisterous laughter, a pair of feet full of dance, and a deep curiosity about people and places never seen inside of me.
There is a sultry woman, a seductress, a mistress, a lover, full of knowing touches and promising glances and welcoming kisses, inside of me.
There is a giving mother, a nurturer, and a provider, inside of me.
There is a wise old woman, a teacher, a supporter, a leader, a shaper of future, inside of me.
There is a loving partner, a kind and devoted wife, inside of me.
I am all those woman and they are me.
When I look sexy, there is a little girl inside of me.
When I look like a little girl, I am a mother.
When I look young, I hold the wisdom of history in myself.
Never see me as only one of them. Never love only one of them. Never ignore the other women inside of me.
Just as you fall asleep, holding me to your chest, sweaty, content and satisfied, remember that tomorrow, the bright-eyed girl in me wants caring, the wise woman in me wants respect, the hard-working nurturer in me wants recognition, the young woman in me wants excitement, and the partner in me wants fairness.
And when you next run into that 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-year old woman in your neighborhood, look out for that little girl inside of her.
I know this writing is a little different from what you may have seen me write recently! Bear with me, as this is a part of a collection of scraps I have been writing over the past few months, keeping them to myself until I am brave enough to share! I hope it doesn't shock you too much. Do tell me what you think, as this is the first time I'm showing these writings anywhere. I thought I would share with my friends first. Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!


Robert said...

Wow, Nazy jan! This is a beautiful piece of poetry!

It is a reminder to be open to other people and not to judge them on their momentary appearance. We are all more than one person and we all need to be loved entirely with all our personalities.

Thank you very much for sharing this and please keep writing!


Daisy said...

Nazy, Nazy,,,One of those posts that makes me speechless again. This was so inspiring. I have never read something so profound and rich. It was beautyFUL. If you ask me to pick which one of your posts is my favourite one, I will pick this one.
You are a wonderful woman. You know that?
Kiss and hug

Anonymous said...

فوق العاده -و فوق العاده تر از اين قطعه شهامت و شجاعتت براي نشر افكارته.چون شروع كردن يه كار هنري جرات مي خواد.چه برسه به نشر و نظرپرسي.آفرين-آفرين

Chakameh Azimpour said...

Nazy Joon. thanks for sharing. It is a wonderful and very strong poem. I guess women would feel it closer to themselve, but your male reader should say what they think. I felt so close to that anyhow. And loved it so much.

nasim said...

I just loved it!

Assal said...

Nazy Joonam:

I am speechless as well and can't wait to see how more of your male readers react. As a woman, it spoke to me on so many levels. This was a very touching and special piece and so completely unexpected. I would love to see more of things like this from you. It was truly a delight. I wish this was required-reading for all men :)



Anonymous said...

I love this. You should not keep this writing away and be shy about sharing it with us. I loved this so much that i couldnt stop myself to post some comments. Thanks

Golabi said...

Nazi jaanam
you and things you see and your world...
you are one beautiful little girl with a big big soul

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
درخشان،زیبا و روشنگر ست.این قلم است در دست تو یا همان نی لبک سحرآمیز است که همه را مسحور می کند.به همین قلم سوگند خورده اند و خوشحالم که اینقدر پاک وبی آلایش می نویسی.
میدانی روانشناسان نقش های گوناگونی برای هرکس قائلند که همزمان بروز دارند در آدمها.هرچقدر نقش ها متنوع تر،شخصیت کاملتر.گاهی وقتها تعارض میان نقش ها بروز کرده کار را مشکل می کند یا اینکه یک نقش مسلط میشود بر آدم ولی تو با هنرمندی همه را بخوبی ایفا می کنی.خیلی جای بحث دارد ولی فعلاً خدا حافظ

Mansooreh said...

Hi. dear Nazy!... I can only say that I love it so much... how beautifully you describe a woman...
How lucky I am! after trying and failing several times, I succeeded to leave a comment here... I love you wittings so much.

Mojgan said...

What a GEM!!! I loved it Nazy jan! This is the best description of a "woman" I have ever read.
Beautiful, just like yourself.

Azita said...

Salam Nazy Jan,

This is a frank and revealing post. Thanks for sharing it.
I wish we could all have this much courage especially when we meet new people instead of hiding behind a mask.
I wonder if down the line a few more women will join the existing group you’ve got?
Love your writing. Keep up the good work!


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