On A Red Chair

I am at Heathrow Airport's brand new terminal, Terminal 5. I asked someone where to go to find inernet access and I was told: Anywhere on a red chair! So, here I am, waiting for my flight, sharing the moment with you. I met some remarkable Iranians on my trip. Well, of course I had already met the most remarkable ones of the bunch, my dear and old friend Shohreh, her fabulous mother, Malek, and her extraordinary daughter, Shabnam--three generations of fabulous woman and all three my very dear friends! But I also met some exceptional people about whom I will be writing here or elsewhere soon. I did come down with a dreadful cold as soon as I started my vacation, but nothing to deter me from having fun and a wonderful time. I received lovely emails and comments over the past week. Thank you. I also received three surprise text messages (SMS), two of which were from my sons, telling me profound and wise things! Life is beautiful and full of good things if you ask me! I'm running out of battery, so I sign off for now.


Daisy said...

Welcome back Nazy jon,
I'm happy to read that you had a very good time. The pictures you posted in London were so yummy;)

فری said...

امیدوارم تعطیلات خوبی رو گذرونده باشید

Esfand` said...

Know what I found? :D

I just read a cute article written by you :D rather a story, about your sons first girl friend :D wow! that was sooo cute!!

So hope u had fun on your trip, and now you are back home, resting and getting refreshed to start with your blogging routine.

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
این قضیه صندلی قرمز خیلی جالب بود، درست مثل اینجا که اینترنت پر سرعت فراوان در دسترس همه است! پریروز خواندم که به لطف اولیای امور سرعت اینترنت در کشور ما از زنگبار هم پایین تر است

Assal said...

Welcome home! Going on a trip is nice because you deserve it, but now that you're back home....start posting, young lady! We missed u! :)

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

I hope your cold is better now. I have sent you two emails so far to update you about my trip. I hope they were among all other emails you've got so far.

I followed your London trip from here in Princeton and through your lively blog. I am excited since I know I will see you in a couple of days.

Many Kisses,