Some Photos

I was talking to my friend, Enayat, last night as I was snapping pictures of people at the party. He reminded me that I am really behind in talking about places I have been and things I have done of late! He is so right. Tonight I decided to look at my pictures for the past couple of months and share some with you. First, let me share a photo from last night.
Ehsan, Maryam, and Mehran at the Neeki Foundation Benefit Dance.
I went to a 127 Band concert in San Francisco with my friends and my sons in June. Mehran and Mehdi Yahyanejad (of Balatarin) were at the 127 Concert.
I had dinner with Jahanshah and Khodadad Rezakhani in June at Pyramid's in Berkeley. I went to Santa Cruz with my son for a new student orientation last week.

These are the residence halls in which my son will be staying this fall. In the distance you would see the Monterey Bay on a clear day. My son (in his 127 T-shirt!) making new friends in Santa Cruz last week. UC Santa Cruz is located in the middle of a forest. So it may be no surprise to run into deer over there. Nonetheless, we were startled to find them in the parking lot when we were going home in the afternoon!

I'll be better in posting photos as soon as I have them. Looking through the hundreds of pictures I have taken, I realized that they are not very useful when I wait too ong! I hope you all have a good week ahead of you. I will post something a little different soon. Be good y'all.


Anonymous said...

مرسی برای عکسها.
خیلی جالب بود نازی جان.
هفته خوبی در پیش داشته باشی.


Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam
I liked your photos so I like to see more of them :D

! said...

سلام نازی جونم
مرسی بخاطر عکس ها ...
راستی این واقعا جالبه که دانشگاه با حیات وحش آمیخته باشه حس خوبی به آدم القاء می کنه ...
بازم مرسی بخاطر عکس ها
شاد باشی

mehdiy said...

Thanks for the pictures.

Assal said...

I would love to see more pictures as well! They were lovely...seeing the residence halls made me feel very old because I began to miss my own univ. apartment complex where WE HAD SO MUCH FUN ;)

I am glad to see your college student got to making friends quickly--I wouldn't expect anything different!

Did you know that Mr. Khodadad was a history teacher of mine at Farsi class a long time ago? Small world.

Okay...got to get back to work! Post more pictures for us. I, for one, live vicariously through you..and love it!

Anonymous said...

You take nice photos! They sound so alive...
Thank you for sharing...and be good.

يكي مثه همه said...

ِDear Nazy
I just wanted to say YOU ARE SO SWEEEET
please put some of your own pix;)
happy moments

احسان said...

Were are my manners? I forgot to thank you for the photo. It's such a blessing to have you as a friend Nazy jan :-)

Siah said...

Thanks a lot for the informative blog. I really enjoyed your photos