Pajama Party

Saeid Shanbehzadeh and his son Naghib Shanbehzadeh perform the music of Bushehr, Iran.

It's Friday. I am sitting in a chair in my pajamas with my laptop on my lap at my older sister's house. My family are also all sitting here with their pajamas, drinking tea and telling stories. We have gathered around my cousin, renewing memories of a magical childhood together and making new memories. Can life get any better than this?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, close to your family and those who love and understand you. I wish the same wonderful and warm cloud of familiarity, love, and continuity would envelop you, making you feel content and happy as I feel tonight. I'm putting this computer aside momentarily to re-join the boisterous conversation in progress. Have a good weekend everyone. Don't forget to smile. Don't forget to confess your love.


Anonymous said...

خوش حالم که چنین لحظات خوشی را در کنار عزیزانت داری.
همیشه شاد باشی گلم.
مرسی برای عکسهای زیبات
مرضیه :)

mina Siegel said...

Dear Nazy jan,
It was so nice, where did you get it? I really enjoyed it, and Evan came back from a study group and I think he is jealous to see I have that much fun, It seems what he studies was not that fun. What does he expect? Torah is not supposed to be fun!

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
دیروز این عنوان را جایی خواندم:
Life can be simple,if you let it.
خوش و سر بلند باشی.

قلب خوشبخت said...

نازی جانم سلام
چقدر خوشحالم که همچنان زندگی بر وفق مراد است. راستی لندن خوش گذشت؟
من چند بار میل زندم ولی فکر کنم هنوز دریافتشون نکردی.
شادکام باشی