Eid e Shoma Mobarak!

My Beautiful Friends and Family:
I prayed for you and your health, and for love and prosperity in your lives at the moment of the year change just a few minutes ago. As the new year begins, I wish for peace on earth and for love in every single person's heart. I wish our beautiful Iran is safe and prosperous and that its decent and loving people are safe from harm. I wish all sadness to come to an end and for all the past wars to become a memory from which to learn and for there never to be another war. I would like to invite you to love your friends and family and to hug and hold them like you never have before, renewing your commitments and relations. I hope everyone keeps the flame of love and hope alive in their hearts throughout the year. I thank you for having been my friends over the past years and here's wishing that our friendships grow and flourish in the coming year. Happy Nowruz, and Happy New Year!
Your Friend,


Azita said...

Nazy jan,

Ayde shoma mobarak!

May Nowruz bring you and your family nothing but good health, lots of joy, and prosperity.

Take care and have a colorful spring!



Anonymous said...

I wish the same. You said it all so beautifully.

May all the people of Iran live safely and away from harm.

And may those of us outside of Iran make it a priority to pass down our language and culture PROUDLY to our children, and to our children's children.

We are a proud people.

Assal said...

Nazy Jan:

I'm sure everyone else has already wished and prayed for your wealth, health, and happiness. So, I wanted to wish you and your beautiful boys a new year filled with exciting moments that make your heart beat fast, happy reunions with friends you haven't seen in ages, compliments and kisses that come in the most needed moments, and a whole bunch of other things that I can't type out for fear of blushing!!!

Love you, Nazy Joonam, and love your boys who always have a special place in my heart as my childhood friends who are now loving, grown men with bright futures....

Hope the new year brings you everything you desire!

Love always,

Assal (who is sometimes absent, but who is always thinking of you) :)

Rahnavard said...

Salam nazy jan
dar sale jadid barat behtarinha ro arezoo mikonam.
hamishe shad va salamat bashi.

Anonymous said...

Nazy jan,

Happy Norooz and Happy new year. May this year be a year full of happiness, prosperity, success and health for you and your family. Thanks for your very beautiful post.

Best wishes,
Pardis :)

Anonymous said...

I wish the same for you and your lovely family.A year of joy, health and prosperity.



Hyacinth said...

Nazy jan,

Eid Shoma Mobarak. Wishing you and your family a most wonderful new year, filled with joy and love and health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Noroozet Pirouz bad Nazy jan.

You are the best. I posted your poem for Omid on dailykos.com yesterday.

I also posted your blog address, hope you got a lot of hits.


your friend serendip

نیلوفر said...

Eyd-e shoma ham mobarak.
Wish you the best


Anonymous said...

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Aidin said...

You are one of the reasons this world is a good place to be. Thanks :)

Robert said...

Sale no mobarak, Nazy jaan!

I renew these wishes you have written so beautifully quite often and I believe that we are sharing the love this world needs :)

May this be a wonderful year for you, my friend!


Aida said...

Nazy jaan

The same for you.They are amazing wishes with full of positive energy.
Happy New year.

Be good always.

Sheida said...

Nazy Joon,
Arezeye sali sarshar az shadi, tandorosti va movafaghyat baraye to aziz va khanevadeh mohtaramat daram.
Eid e Shoma Mobarak...Kai biayim eidi begirim???!!!!!

midnight/... said...

Beautiful wishes Nazy joon! May all your wishes for the new year come true! Hope to see you soon.

Fariba said...

Nazy Jaan, Eide shoma Mobarak. I just read your beautiful article, as always very well written, as they say "what ever that comes from heart will sound sweet to other person's heart". Wishing you all the best for a prosperous year full of love and joy.
Fariba Rassa