Salam, Salam!

My friend, Hamed Nikpay, sings Madhoosh, from his new album All Is Calm.

Salam, Salam! I must have worried you guys! I'm well and kicking! I've just been overwhelmed with my life, working too hard, and concentrating on some volunteer work I am committed to finishing. I am going to make at least a small entry every day now to give myself something to look forward to and to let my few remaining friends (yes, that includes you!) to know that I'm alright!

I have been writing some stuff, too, believe it or not! Some of my work is routinely published on Iranian.com. But blogging in my own blogs is where I write my personal stuff, and I miss doing that very much.

My sons are well and thriving. I see my older son every couple of weekends when he comes home to crash and eat and visit with me and his brother. We are all trying to get used to this new phase of our lives. Here's a piece I wrote about something that happened this past weekend in our household. If you can't access Iranian.com, let me know and I will post the story here. It's called "The Ghormeh Sabzi Thriller" and it's in two parts. Take a look. I promise to be back again tomorrow.

The Ghormeh Sabzi Thriller Part I, and Part II .

Be good everybody and have a good Wednesday!


jeerjeerak said...

Salam salam Nazy joonam! It's not "few remaining remaining", it's "many many loyal" friends:)
Be good, azizam.
and i'm off to read your ghormesabzi thriller!

Daisy said...

I loved your Ghormeh Sabzi Thriller . Now I know where to find you if you don't write here. It's good to hear you're doing well.
And I can't agree more with Jeerjeerak. Your many many friends always want to know your okay.
take care Nazy jon.

Aida said...

Salaam Nazy jaan,
We all are still here...keep writing,dear.I go with Jeerjeerak and Daisy.


Nasim said...

I am happy to hear that you are doing well and everything is going all right. have a great weekend :)

Nazy said...

Thank you my beautiful and sweet friends. Has anyone ever felt more welcome in her own home? I just did. Thank you.