Music of Heart and Soul

Fared Shafinouri sings Arianaz in Tehran. This is beautiful music and I'm sure you would enjoy it! Look at the sweet video clip of my beloved Tehran. I found him on YouTube last October. Here's his MySpace page where you can find other tracks of his new album. His music is so sweet and refreshing.

Fared and his band, Tehranosaurus, will be performing in Berkeley this Saturday night. I am going to see them perform. The concert will be the entertainment segment of the IAAB conference. Here's the concert's Facebook announcement. It will be at the Pauley Ballroom of UC Berkeley on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 at 8:30.


Sia said...

His music is very interesting. I'll try to be there if it is free

PS. I liked the music video as well specially that particular piece at the back of that truck :)

AA said...

I also enjoyed his interview

Heather Rastovac said...

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing Nazy joon.