The Year of Dreams

My wonderful friend, Kiomars, sent me a group of beautiful pictures of Tehran's Tajrish Square during preparations for Nowruz. I forwarded my gift to Iranian.com where they were published and shared with thousands of other people! You can see the collection here. This photo shows fresh baby almonds, chaghaleh badom, a spring time Iranian delicacy. Thank you Q!
I have been busy doing Nowruzi things! My older son came to stay for a week, during which we hung out nice and easy. He left for Santa Cruz this afternoon, and the house feels empty and too quiet this evening! Though he has officially left home since September, I haven't quite managed to get used to his absence. When he comes home and the house gets filled with the chatter and laughter of my sons and their friends, things feel so normal, and when he goes away, I have to get used to things all over again! Next year by this time my younger son will also be on his way out somewhere, and I will have to get used to that, too! Well, I have decided that the new Iranian year, 1388 is going to be a better year, that it will be my year! Forget about the economic forecasts, forget about some small and big sadnesses brewing in my and my friends' lives--this is going to be a great year for everyone, I can just feel it in my heart!
Come and dream with me, won't you? Imagine a world full of peace, where no one gets sick and all the sick people heal and recover, where pain is just a memory, where everyone will have enough money to enjoy life without fear or worries, where everybody makes the best decisions and everyone does the right thing, where nobody lies and nobody hurts others' feelings, where those who are in committed relationships wake up one day and think to themselves just how lucky they are to be in the company of somebody who loves and trusts and respects them, kissing more passionately and hugging more warmly, and giving more generously! Imagine those who aren't in a committed relationship, getting hit with the thunder of love and finding the one person who would complete and improve them for the rest of their lives! Imagine changes happening for the absolute better, and without pain! Imagine everyone growing more mature, loving, and forgiving! That's the dream I have for this year. That's what I am looking forward to seeing in 1388! Call me a fool, but I am almost certain in my heart that many of these dreams and wishes will come true, only if we keep believing in them. I believe. I do.


Daisy said...

I've joined you. We have the same dreams.

Anonymous said...

I really hope your dreams come true Nazy-e-azizam!
And as you said, 1388 will become a better year for us; for all of us...and for our tired hearts...

Be happy.

مسعود said...

چه خوب و شیرین زندگی را توصیف می کنی.خداوند دلت را روشن و خانه ات را پر از شادی کند و به آنچه و آنکس که میخواهی برساند که چنین برای همه خواسته ای
آمین یا رب العالمین

Nazy said...

Salam bar doostan-e mehrabanam!

Thank you so much for coming to visit and for reading!

I wish the very best of everything for all of you for the New Year.

Thank you Masoud Jan for your kind prayer. It's going to be a good year, I just know it!

Love you all!


maral said...

Wow.... wow
I can't believe what I just read.
It was amazing.
And I believe in dreams as well.
I believe in belief.
Dear Nazy
I am enjoying your posts.I wanted to ask you how old you are, but I would not dare. Let me know if you don't mind.I also wanted to know what you have studied.
There is a kind of poetic beauty in your words.
thank you