Over The Fire!

Annual Charshanbeh Souri Celebration at Berkeley's Persian Center. Photo taken by Jahanshah Javid shows the 2008 Celebrations.
Tomorrow will be the last Tuesday of the Iranian calendar. As tradition has it, at sunset friends, families, and neighborhoods will gather to jump over open fires to throw away their sadness and ills, starting a New Year full of health and joy. As is our little tradition, my friends and family will go to Berkeley Persian Center's annual Charshanbeh Souri celebration. I am so excited to be seeing my friends there. The number of people showing up to the celebration has been growing over the years. The whole block of Durant Avenue between Shattuck and Milvia is closed to traffic and under the careful eyes of Berkeley Police and Fire Department, open fires are set up for the 3,000+ people, Iranians and Americans, who show up to celebrate. I'm going to be there, where standing on the few square centimeters I can find on the pavement, I'll wait to see my friends and family go by! If you are in this area, don't miss this fabulous opportunity to come and jump over the fire, eat Persian food, and dance the night away with hundreds of others.
Happy Charshanbeh Souri and I hope the following fire wish comes true for all of you: Zardi e man az to, Sorkhi e to az man!


مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
در سایت کلمه نوشته کوتاهی از استاد محیط طباطبایی هست راجع به ریشه ها و سابقه تاریخی جشن چهارشنبه سوری . جالب است که اشاره می کند قیام مختار ثقفی در همین شب جهارشنبه سوری آغاز شده و دق الباب کردن ها رمز آغاز عملیات بوده است و دستگاه حاکم خیال کرده این آتش افروزی ها مربوط به جشن ایرانیان است .
در پناه حضرت حق سالم و تندرست و شادکام باشید همه و آتش عشق و دوستی و صلح در قلوبتان همیشه روشن

Daisy said...

I'm going to celebrate chaharshanbe suri as well. It might rain but I'm still going :)
have fun

Anonymous said...

Salam Nazy jan,
Happy 4shanbe soori and New year to you.
I have been reading all your beautiful posts lately, but didn't leave any notes. maybe one of those silent readers. Life has not been kind to me recently... What you write transfers a positive energy to me. Thanks for all your lovely posts.
Hope 1388 would be a year full of happiness, prosperity and health for you.
Best wishes

Aidin said...

Nazi joon, thanks for coming around and being so kind to me. I wish you a great new year ahead and lots of happiness.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Nazy joonam!

I wish you a great year filled with love, happiness and joy.


Anonymous said...

سلام نازی جان

نوروز خجسته!برایت زیباترین بهارو پر بارترین سال . سالها را آرزو می کنم


Nasim said...

Nazy Azizam,

Norooz Mobarak! I wish you a year filled with love and peace and happiness.


samira said...

Hi, I think it is sorkhie man az to. zardie to az man. yani man sorkhie rokhsaram ro az to migiram. vato zardi at ra az man.