And They Are Free.....

Two women, exhausted, probably threatened, bullied, and insulted, kept in solitary confinement for close to three weeks, have been released to go home tonight. I am happy to see them released. I forget for these next few hours, that they should never have been arrested and detained in the first place. I am happy to see them with their families. I am happy to imagine them taking a bath and putting clean clothes on. I am happy to imagine them eating their Sabzi Polo Mahi tonight. I am happy to imagine them hugging their loved ones. For now I forget the humiliation and the unfair treatment they had to endure for speaking their minds, these wonderful, educated, and brave women. I am happy they are home. I am happy they are free.


TAMESHK said...

now all of us will celebrate Nowrooz with a peace of mind.

Happy Freedom!

although it is a temporary and not permanent yet but happy freedom to them to their loved ones and families and to you.

Sherry said...

Nazy jan,

I came across your blog after reading your article on the movie, "300." This particular posting truly moved me. I've been so out of touch with what is going on in Iran that I had no idea this had happened. Thank you for bringing this type of story to the attention of so many of us out there trying to stay rooted in our cultures. Your writing is wonderful! Keep it up :)
Take care,

Bethesda, MD

Nazy said...

Shahrzad Jan:

How wonderful to have a new visitor on Nowrooz! Thank you for your kind and supportive words. Love for Iran is deep-rooted in all of us, and for me, writing articles and having a blog has been a wonderful outlet for that love. Thank you for coming and visiting. Come again, and please do leave comments. Happy Nowrooz.