Green Today

The wind blows my hair, tossing and throwing it into my face. The light and bubbly air of a Northern California March day caresses me and bursts of spring dive in and out of my little car, enveloping me in a love of spring, thousands of years old for Iranians. Shadmehr’s music is drowning out the sounds of the freeway running under my feet. The sweet and benign sunshine of a winter’s end makes feeble attempts to penetrate my upturned face, but falls short. My eyes run through the beauty surrounding me all around; the gorgeous green hills, the pristine view of the Bay as I turn a bend and face what must be the most spectacular view of the world. How lucky can a person be, I wonder? I remember Sohrab’s poem, which I have read hundreds of times in my life, but for the first time in my life, I FEEL it, and it feels good, soft, embracing, and true. Man cheh sabzam emrooz va cheh andazeh tanam hoshyar ast……. (How green I feel today, And how alert my body feels…..)

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