The Heart

What has happened once again, that happened times before, How often must this happen, before it happens no more; How much can we handle, before we fall apart, What more can be done to prepare for a broken heart; A hardened heart can love no more, is this the way things end? I gave myself, my weakened heart, all to you my friend; And now there is an emptiness where once my heart did beat, Please take my heart with you, for me, it proved too much a feat....
This is a poem by my wonderful young friend, Shabnam Ghayour, who lives in London. I am honored she let me use it here. Shabnam is a successful events manager and a powerhouse in London's restaurant and entertainment scene. Can you tell she has a most wonderful heart, too?


Leva said...

Yah, SHe Does!

Nazy said...

Levaye Azizam! Thanks for coming to visit! I have been reading your posts, but have been so busy with work and life, I haven't had a chance to say something intelligent, as your material warrants. I have been fortunate enough to have met hundreds of brilliant young Iranians, such as yourself, who are involved in arts, poetry, music, social sciences, and across industries. Each of these young Iranians, no matter where in the world he/she lives, brings such fresh hope to me for the future of the world and Iran. I thought it so appropriate that you would leave a comment on the post containing Shabnam's poem. She is such a good Iranian, though she left Iran when she was only 1 year old and has lived in London all her life. Be good.

FarNice said...

Dear Nazy,
Tnx for visiting my blog, and tnx for your sweet comment :"> it makes me motivated :)
i didn't have time enought to read yours yet, but it seems interesting.
good luck and happy new year.

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joon

She said it masterfully !

I think it is the springy weather that makes all of us feel love !

Today my post is about love too!