My Nowrooz Spread

Happy Farvardin!
So, it took me three days, but here is a picture of my Haft Sin. I couldn't get the whole table in the frame, so some of my items on the edge are missing! At this stage, I would settle for mediocrity!
I had my Nowrooz visitors at home last night and it was a very good time. Some of my Iranian Berkeley colleagues might come to visit me today and tomorrow, and I have had to clean my office for that, too! I have tulips and fragrant freesias on my desk and my cookie jar is replenished. I guess this might be one of the few times in the year when I appreciate being older than anyone else!
My children made out like bandits with their eidi's this year. I got $10 for prosperity's sake (dashti) from my older sister. It was a relief to remember that there are people older than me!
My insomnia has ebbed, and I am happy that I can sleep again. I had a "Ms. Wisdom Moment" the day before Nowrooz, but I didn't want to talk about sad things, so I kept it for another time.
I will have to buy new shirini for my Nowrooz table, as my guests finished all the cookies my friend, Monir Zand, had made! (the ones in the lower right side of the picture).


Tameshk said...

Nazy Joon


Your Haft Sin made/makes me jealous!

I am glad you put the picture up here since it is never late to post a good picture.

Have happy Dido Bazdid !

اعلي حضرت حاج آقا said...

نازي خانم اين پته كرمان شما مارو كشت

Nazy said...

Mehran Jan: This was my mother's, which she gave me a few years before she passed away. It means something really special to me, and I would never dream of having a Nowrooz spread without it. It has also been to numerous wedding ceremonies in Sofreh Aghd of my friends. Thank you for noticing one of the most important things in my Sofreh Haft Sin!