This is my handsome friend, Errol Mauchlan. I worked for him when he was Assistant-Chancellor at Berkeley, and we have maintained our valuable friendship through the years. He is a Scotsman who has lived in the US for the past 50 years. He has one of the sharpest analytical minds I have ever known; he follows local, national and international politics closely, and is articulate, generous, and fun to talk to. I am so glad I get to see him and have lunch with him occasionally now. This is a picture of him at lunch today at Bucci’s in Emeryville (a very hip and famous restaurant). He usually smiles a beautiful smile, but I think this serious look (his look in meetings) is also rather interesting.


Tameshk said...

"Errol", He certainly looks friendly!

Nazy said...

Errol is a complete charmer! You know these days I am obsessed with taking pictures and putting them on my blog, because I only just figured out how to do it! My camera was not operating properly because of low battery, so I only had this one shot at Errol that day. Next time I'll get him to smile for the camera. Errol is of the old school of very high work ethics, and he taught me and many other young analysts who worked for him how to be objective, fair, and thorough in our analysis and work. I owe so much to him.

Tameshk said...

Nazy joon,

Sorry I forgot to answer your question. Yes: I am Gilak from my father side & Kashy from my Mother side.

I would love to have more recipes especially if they are from northern regions of Iran!