Iranian Time Zone (Add 1.5 Hours to Everything)

What is with Iranians and always being late to EVERYTHING? Forget about being "fashionably late," though even that phrase refers to undisciplined morons! Many of us seem to have no respect for time, neither ours nor others'. We show up late to dinner parties, appointments, and events. Iranian events always get started an hour or more later than the scheduled time to accommodate the latecomers, or maybe the organizers and performers (being Iranians themselves, too)! I think the procrastinating Iranians might be thinking about the earth's life of millions of years or that 3,000+ year Iranian history, comparing all other time references with them, thinking "what is 2 hours in the overall scheme of things?" I hate it when I have to wait for people, and I hate it more when I keep people waiting. Punctuality is a good trait. Even more than showing respect for others, it shows that we have respect for ourselves and for our time. I am really grouchy with a certain Iranian right now.


Anonymous said...

This applies to Mexicans and Latin Americans as well. It's not uniquely an Iranian charactristic trait.

Nazy said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are so right! My problem is that it doesn't bother me when Mexicans and Latin Americans do it, as most of the time, I wouldn't know about it! I wished I could say the same thing about myself and other Iranians. Can you believe I'm still grouchy about this?

Tameshk said...


I waited for many people from every corner of this universe !

I think it is a strange habit of some people to make others wait and some people just don't do it,

My problem is that why I am always in the side that should wait !?!?