My older son turned 21 yesterday. I am not usually overtly inquisitive (read "nosey") to people who live around me. I usually wait until they are ready to talk about what they are thinking, and I have been particularly appreciated by men for this trait! My son’s 21st birthday, however, has been such a happy and exciting time for me, making me want to know what he’s thinking. I want to dive into his head and celebrate all the good thoughts that he is keeping in there. I guess I am looking for the hope and optimism that a 21-year old has about life. I know I should stop asking him what he is thinking, or I’d be a nosey smothering mother. So I stop.


Assal said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to your wonderful son!!!

Second of all, for me, turning 21 was a little disappointing because in the end, I realized that it wasn't that big event that I was expecting it to be. At 18, we are already labeled "adults", even though no one really treats us as such.

And 21, sure there are new things that you are allowed to do, but most of us have already "accomplished" all those things before we turn 21! I think at 21, you only begin to realize that you are aging and only today I think does he begin to contemplate what he has been through in life and what is to come. If you give him some time, you will be able to see the changes in his thinking as he focuses his lenses to this new period in his life!

Have a wonderful day!

مانا said...

تولد پسرتون مبارکه.باید بگم که من خیلی از خصوصیات خوب شما یاد می گیرم و سعی می کنم من هم مثل شما رفتار کنم.همیشه پر انرژی باشید

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday to him ,nazi jan,
SO He is 21 now, How old are you?
it seems 30 and something! ;)
(j.k) bayram

Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

Wow Forever 21 !

It is not easy for many to talke about their thoughts and feelings. So I think it is good to ask them once in a while. Maybe they need a warm and gentle invitation.

Nazy said...

Assal Jan. Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, I know what you mean about the 21st birthday! I went out on my 21st birthday, doing everything I could to get carded, but I wasn't! It is an overrated birthday in some respects, and it might actually matter to parents more than it does to the 21-year-olds! I have certainly had birthdays which were more dramatic than this one! Be good.

Nazy said...

Mana Jan: Thank you so much for coming, for leaving a comment, and for your kind wishes!

Nazy said...

Salam Bayram Jan:

Do you or don't you want dinner on Saturday night? If you want it, be careful with this age business!

I wished I were the "Miracle Girl of the Rainforest, Conceiving at 9-Years Old!" as the newspapers reported some years ago! But I'm not, and starting this year, I am going to stop telling my age! If you value your life, drop the sore subject altogether! Be good Bayram.

Nazy said...

Salam Tameshk Jan. Thanks for your advice. As usual, wise beyond your years. I'll keep it in mind.