Free Ali Farahbakhsh, Prisoner of Conscience

Ali Farahbakhsh remains imprisoned. This week there were reports of a rapid deterioration of his mental and physical health in his six-month-long solitary confinement (read this and this). Imprisonment and torture of a journalist on unfounded and unsubstantiated charges, and denying him proper medical care is a crime and an outrage to humanity. The least we can do is not to forget about him and others like him. You can read something I wrote about him earlier here.
Photo from Hanif Mazrooee’s blog


serendip said...

It's so tragic. I was just getting ready to write about him. Thanks.

Nazy said...

Hi Serendip! I cannot begin to know the man's ordeal. I can just maybe imagine some of the agony his life has been, and even that makes me feel so depressed and helpless. He was convicted for $2,300 received for hotel and airfare to attend a conference. It is unfathomable. Be good Serendip. Come back soon.