Art Happens In Tuscany

I didn’t want to post anything this weekend, but I couldn’t resist this photograph and wanted you all to see it, too! My unmet blogger friend, Tameshk, is traveling in Italy this summer. Roja is a graduate Art History & Criticism student at Brooklyn College, CUNY, and lives in Princeton, New Jersey. This is a picture she has posted in her blog, and I post it here with her permission. It is so clear an artist took this picture! This is an amazing photograph. If you click on it to enlarge it, you will see an incredible depth to the picture. All at once, it shows the cobblestone road behind Tameshk, Tameshk herself, the sidewalk leading to the shop, the shop window, and inside the shop in vivid detail. Additionally, I believe it’s an amazing photograph, because it appears that the picture at once shows history spanning hundreds of years, with Roja, her red headscarf, and her Birkenstocks representing the here and now! I wish Roja the best of luck and happiness this summer. She is another of her generation with very special qualities. She is an artist, a poet, a writer, a self-trained chef, and a beautiful young woman with a heart of gold. She blogs in English.


Assal said...

Great Photo! Love the Birkenstocks...they remind me of Berkeley! I will have to check out her blog later this evening!

SERENDIP said...

Great job.

مانا said...

واقعا لذت بردم از این عکس محشر.نازی جان خوشحالم که دوباره تونستم براتون کامنت بذارم و از سلیقه قشنگتون تشکر کنم

Nazy said...

Dear Assal, Serendip, and Mana:

Thank you all for coming! Tameshk is amazing. Serendip, like you, she is a half Gilandokht, too! Be good you all.

ا. ش said...

این تصویر نمونه‌ی جالب و واضحی‌ست از آن چه ما به پیروی از دیود بوهم به آن آیین برگیری-برگشایی 1 ‏می‌گوییم. همه‌ی معنای هستی در فهم چگونگی بروز آیین‌های برگشوده 2 از آیین‌های برگرفته 3 است.‏
وقتی به جلوه‌های آشکار تصویر نگاه می‌کنی، جلوه‌های پوشیده محو می‌شوند؛ وقتی به جزییات مستتر و ‏برگرفته‌ی عکس نگاه می‌کنی، جلوه‌های آشکار و برگشوده‌ی آن پوشیده می‌شوند. مثل نگاهی که ما به خودمان ‏داریم، نه؟
اما نکته‌ی مهمی باقی می‌ماند .....‏
David Bohm (please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bohm)‎
‎1- Enfoldment-unfoldment order
‎2- Explicate order‎
‎3- Implicate order‎

Nazy said...

Alef Shin Jan: That's true! In fact, we do see many things in ourselves and in others, but depending on where we are in our lives, I believe, the importance and urgency of what we see changes. The concept of Shifting Paradigms, widely used in management among other disciplines, is based on looking at the same picture from a farther distance with some detachment, bringing sharper focus to the issue. Thank you for coming and for the gift of learning for me.

ا. ش said...

آن چه نوشته اید را خواندم. روی نکاتی که مطرح کرده اید یک دنیا می شود صحبت کرد! چه قدر از احساس مشترک و درک شما لذت بردم! ممنون از توجه شما

Nazy said...

Salam Alef Shin Jan! Hopefully, we will find a chance to have those discussions. I look forward to them.