Midnight Hours With Hafez

I opened my Hafez and made a wish. I was full of hope to hear some of Khajeh's usual wisdom and his prophetic advice for myself. It opened to a poem that had many romantic memories for me, hitting me with a flood of reminiscences of a place and a time and a man, no longer running through my life. Tears fell, hot and furious. Then I read it again. And again. And it all started making new sense, with a new message, one of hope. Such is Hafez to me. His poetry can lift me up and give me new resolve. In that sense, I am not unique. This just goes to show you that I am a very typical Iranian. Here's the poem. (If you can't read Farsi, let me know and I will post the translation.)
مرا عهدیست با جانان که تا جان در بدن دارم
هواداران کویش را چو جان خویشتن دارم
صفای خلوت خاطر از آن شمع چگل جویم
فروغ چشم و نور دل از آن ماه ختن دارم
به کام و آرزوی دل چو دارم خلوتی حاصل
چه باک از خبث بدگویان میان انجمن دارم
الا ای پیر فرزانه مکن عیبم ز میخانه
که من درترک پیمانه دلی پیمان شکن دارم
خدا را ای رقیب امشب زمانی دیده بر هم نه
که من با لعل خاموشش نهانی صد سخن دارم


SERENDIP said...

Beautiful poem. I should read more Hafez.

Nazy said...

Yes, Serendip. I believe there is a direct relationship between Hafez's poems and every Iranian's heart and soul, regardless of his/her age, education, or experiences in life. Someday I will write about Hafez's life during the saddest and darkest times of our history, and how his poetry lit those dark times, shining and sparkling to date. Hafez rules. Be good Serendip.

SERENDIP said...

Nazy:Plese do write about him...I will be waiting with anticipation.