Keep Moving...

I am off for the weekend. It was a rather melancholic week, so I’m glad it’s over. In the requisite quiet of melancholy, I did accomplish many chores and deadlines which I had put off for a long time, relieving me of some constant low-grade stress. I also met a very interesting person this week, providing one of the brighter spots of the week. Two of my friends had surgeries this week and I’m glad they have had good results, and that they’ll be alright. I leave you with the image of Leila Sadeghi, a beautiful young Iranian dancer (half-Iranian), who lives in our area. The picture shows her dancing with Irina Mikhailova at the Boom Festival in Portugal, in 2004. I love that look of concentration on her face, which somehow looks like it then runs all the way through her fingertips. Leila is daughter to an Iranian father and a Swiss mother, with definite emotional and artistic ties to Iran. You can go to her website and see for yourself, reading her biography there. In her website’s “Gallery” section, you can also look at her many photographs. I’m pleased to have found another delightful young Iranian. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! If you have to work, clean, wash, shop and cook, please then intermittently and frequently take time to eat, drink, sleep, hug, kiss, sing and dance! Take care and be good to yourselves and to those around you. Life’s too short. As for me, I want to do as little as possible this weekend, relaxing and getting myself out of this groove! I need to work on organizing some feelings and materials that have been causing havoc inside me, but which for various reasons cannot find their way into my keyboard yet. I might also go listen to Aleph Null's performance in Berkeley on Sunday night. If I do, I'll let you know about it. Be good y’all.


serendip said...

Great picture. Have an uneventful and blissful weekend, if you can..;)

Nazy said...

Thanks Serendip! So far, Friday night has been pleasant, spending it listening to the newly-revamped Rooze Haftom on BBC Persian with my family--a fascinating program which I highly recommend. I am writing a piece on this, but for now listen to it if you can. Thanks for coming by my friend.

Tameshk said...
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Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

Thanks for your lovely comments and more thanks for inviting me. I never reject your invitations; it was a very challenging game and I had a lot of fun with it. It just took me a long time to write.

And: Oh My,

Thank God everything worked out in your busy week. I wish your friends the best. My uncle had a heart surgery this week also. He is fine now but should rest for the next 3 months.I too feel relived when I am done for the due dates on my work.

I wish you the best weekend ever.

good girl said...

I realy hope you no hovic inside.
have a wonderfull weekend.

دخترخوب said...


Assal said...

Very nice picture and her website is so impressive!

Nazy said...

Tameshk Jan, Assal Jan, thanks for coming. I hope you have had a very good weekend so far.

(Dokhtare) Khoob Jan: Thank you so much for coming to visit. Merci keh comment ham gozashtid. Man be blog e shoma sar zadam. Baz ham miayam. Shoma ham har vaght deletoon khast be man baz sar bezanid. Shad bashid Khoob Jan.

گلادیاتور said...

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دل تمام این سالها به این فکر میکرد که عاشق آسمان
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