For The Bride's Older Sister

She looked beautiful, simple and honest in that white dress. Her small bouquet of white roses, which you had lovingly made for her, was a sincere reminder of the love and honesty with which this young union had commenced, amidst the love and support of family and friends. You were the beautiful older sister. Thank you for the gift of hope and optimism about love and marriage. Life is beautiful and full of promises of better things, I was reminded yet again. In the hours I spent in that unpretentious and affectionate celebration, the message of love was prominent and so real. I thought it was perfectly O.K. for you to cry those tears my dear, as I could see them for what they were: tears of joy.
Photo by Bayramali


Anonymous said...

I have been your blog befor.you writ so well but sometimes icant know becous iamnt profesional in englesh.

Nazy said...

Salam Aghaye Nakahee! Thank you for coming! Your English is just fine! Whether we say it in Farsi or in English, you and I speak the same language--the language of humanity and love for Iran--so, we will figure out a way to communicate! I come to visit your weblog all the time, and I recommend it to my friends, too, as I think you are a very brave and intelligent journalist. Be good Aghaye Nakahee. Thanks again for coming.

Anonymous said...

It is nice and impressive post ,nazy jan.
I whish my best for that lovely, firendly and intimate couple and, also their kind grandAbji and brother-in-law.
thanks for your ads about my photo!! becuase of that, I don't charge you this time!!! ;)

Nazy said...

Bayram Jan: Thanks! The least I could do was to give you credit for the photo. You were a good photographer--you did exactly as I asked you to do, and you didn't ask any questions, AND you sent me the picture pronto! Even if you wanted to charge me, I would pay. Be good shutterbug Bayram.

Anonymous said...

seems you all had fun that night. I missed it (however I was not invited) I wish I could come anyways.

May god let all the youth arrive at each other!!
Translation: khoda hameie javoona ro be ham beresoone


Nazy said...

Siamak Jan, Jaye shoma kheili khali bood! I am sure you were invited if you had been able to make it my dear. We talked good things about you. I would really like to see you in the Bay Area when you can make it here again. Be good and keep in touch.

serendip said...

lovely post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nazy,

I've heard really good things about you lately and I'm looking forward to seeing you. I'm planning to come back to CA soon and visit a friend (As soon as I defend my thesis) and we'll try to make it to the North again for sure (however we are still paying off the expenses of our previous trip to SF!)

this time I guess we don't need to book a hotel :) [just kidding]

have a great week


Leva said...

Nazy Janam
So many thanks to you and other our North Gang member.
We had an unforgettable night and you guys made everlasting memories for me and my family.
So many thanks for your post. I know you, as a sister, understand my tears and worries. She is looking for her happiness and I wish her best in her long journey in life.
It was a great picture too. I want to post a picture of young couple in my blog, but I am waiting for their permission.
Again, thank you for coming, your great dance and everything.

By the way, my mom told me today how she likes you and she meant to give you some of jelo, but she forgot. I will ask her to make some for you next time.

Love you so much.