Beatles' "Dont Let Me Down," recorded in 1969 at Abbey Road Studios, this never-before-heard version is from the original studio recording session.

My son, the Traveler, turned 19 on Friday. He was born exactly 20 years after this Beatles recording was made, but he loves the Beatles, just like his brother and I do. I let him celebrate his birthday with his brother and other friends and we finally celebrated as a family tonight. Their friend Pouria was here, too. We had a simple dinner and a simple celebration at his request. He has always been a serious individual, but these days more and more I see the serious young man that is emerging in him. Our routine birthday ritual, where I take a few minutes to tell the story of the day each of them was born was received politely and patiently again this year! Heeh! I can't help it! As I tell the story to them each year, I have to remind them that I do this to emphasize the importance and significance of their arrival into my life. I remind them that this is important because, frankly, I cannot remember my life before them! It's as though with their birth I was born, too. They have dispersed now to go do what young men should be doing on a Sunday night, and I sit here reflecting on my son's experiencing his young manhood and my own motherhood.
Let me tell you about Pouria. Several months ago I invited my friends Lale and Amir to a party at my house. They told me they had a young guest at their home, Amir's nephew, wondering whether they could bring him along. I said by all means as my sons could keep him company. I told my sons that I had dinner company on that particular night and they were to stick around the house to receive my unknown young guest. The two of them protested, as they usually do, saying that I should have checked with them before promising their presence at the party. I tried to cajole (well, threaten!) them into being helpful to me. When my guests arrived and they walked into the house with their young guest, Pouria, as he stepped into the family room where we were all sitting before the guests arrived, he and my older son stood there frozen for a moment. Then they jumped into each other's arms, screaming and laughing. They had been classmates in high school in Tehran! I already knew that it's a small world, but it was good to watch my children learn this, too! The rest is history and they are pretty inseparable now.

I hope my son's life is filled with music and love. I hope his new year of life is full of wonderful new experiences and joyful incidents. I hope he continues to grow in his loving and caring character. I hope he has a good year.

For all of you, I wish a happy Monday and a great week. Be good y'all!


Parinaz said...

Nazy jan!
I feel really happy for you all! When you relate the happy story of your being satisfied together, I wish this happiness to last forever…
Say hello to your son and happy his BD!

Anonymous said...

az khoondan neveshtehat shod shodam.

I wish him the best...


Tameshk said...

Nazy Joonam

I am sure he reads your blog and its comments so I wish him Happy Birthday and I send him my best wishes.
I have a friend who always congratulates my mother on my birthday instead of me, since she believed it is the parents who we should congratulate and appreciate in our birthdays: without them we would not have been here: So congratulations to you as well.

Anonymous said...

man 20 salame!eeeee!dele hamatun besuze!!:))

Mina said...

Hi Nazy joun,
I enjoyed the Beatles.
Happy Birthday to your son from Evan and I.

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
مبارک بادش این سال و همه سال.موضوع تولد دوباره خیلی عمیق است و چه کسی جز تو می تواند آنرا چنین زیبا بیان کند.برای او آرزوی رشد کرده ای و این بهترین آرزوهاست.من تازگی از گوته خوانده ام که: " همه می خواهند کسی باشند،هیچکس نمی خواهد رشد کند ".چه از این کاملتر؟
چه روز خوبی ست امروز:ما و نازی و پست به این خوبی!