Dreaming of a Summer's Night in Tehran

Photo from Five Days in Tehran by Brian Appleton, Iranian.com, August 25, 2008.
Tehran nights are so special around this time of the year. Hidden inside homes and offices under air conditioners and water coolers during the long and hot days, people step out into the balmy evenings at night. Families, couples, young adults, older couples, everyone finds a park, an area of Tehran near a river, near some trees, to walk around or to sit on a wooden bed covered in rugs to have a meal of kebab and bread, a sandwich, or a home-made picnic. All around, you hear the sounds of laughter of grown-ups and the gleeful screams of young children. I remember seeing kids riding the playground sets and swings of Mellat Park, or playing badminton together into the small hours of the next day on a Shahrivar night. Those summer's night picnics are something I miss very much. The smell of barbequed corn, balal, and the sight of perfectly peeled fresh walnuts soaking in a jar of water are unforgettable smells and tastes and sights of my life in Iran. I miss it. Wouldn't it be nice if right now I could pack a picnic basket and go to Darakeh with my family, I wonder? It would. It really would.
Even if like me, you can't go have a summer's night's picnic with your loved ones in a city you love, you can still love your family and friends. Go do it. Have a good Tuesday everybody.


Mehdi said...

The picture killed me!

مسعود said...

سلام نازی خانم
جمله آخر مرا به یاد چیزی انداخت که دیروز خوانده ام:عشق از عاشقانه ها مبارک تر است.همین

Anonymous said...

Dear nazy
the night of tehran is very beautiful and wild.
beautifgul for some people and wild for alot.
every night we can watch smile and tears.
some one cry and some one laghing them.
but it is lovely tehran. It is our hearts.

Esfand` said...

O Tehran ... oh my loved city :D I have been planning and planning to be there... well ... its not Tehran thats important ... but other things which come along :) so I started asking my friends about perfect time to be there... as I wont get more than a week or so to be there... and then have to see a lot more in Iran :D
I started with saying that I like winters... and would love to see snow in Tehran... all said no :P then spring was unanimously decided to be best by my all friends ... n now I had thought that may be norouz can be perfect :D
but now after reading ur post Im confused :D I know Autumns in Japan are never to be missed, but Tehran sounds just as exciting :D specially with these kebabs :D yummmy....

n I was cooking :P so now I wont be able to eat all the veggies that I was cooking :P lol ....

Thanks Nazy Jan for such a treat!!

Esfand` said...

n yes... well said ... we can have this love and company of friends and family in any city of the world :D just need to get out of the cycle ! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my photo Nazy. Check out my website too at www.zirzameen.com and my blog on home page.


Brian H. Appleton

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