Boy With A Bird

Boy With a Bird, by Roya Salari, an Iranian artist living in London, from Iranian.com.
I saw this painting among some others by Roya Salari on Iranian.com this afternoon. My older son had come to talk to me for a few minutes and he saw this image on my screen. He sat down next to me and the two of us continued looking at it in silence togehter. After a few minutes he said: "That's really beautiful. I think poems can be written about that painting." I looked at him and I said, "Yes, they can. And I think you have already written some of them." He nodded his head in acknowledgement, looking a little embarrassed, because I know him so well. He has written many poems, and in many of them there is a boy in the center of the poem. What's a little eerie about this is that in several of his poems about a boy, he refers to "the sliver of a moon," just as it appears behind the boy in the painting. It was a strange and sweet and comforting conversation between mother and son.
This was a weekend for me to catch up on many things. I am somewhat satisfied with my progress. I have been so tired and overwhelmed recently, pushing myself physically and emotionally. I have to make a big decision and it has been weighing heavily on my mind, too. This weekend really helped me in sorting myself out. In the middle of the day, I stopped work and my sons and I had a delicious Chelo Kabab-e Soltani lunch together (no, I didn't make it!). Though I don't normally eat big meals, I let myself get carried away with the delicious meal, complete with fresh onions, as Chelo Kabab must be eaten! I was joking with my sons, telling them that the choice was all theirs--to eat the onions with me or to put up with me in the house for the rest of the day! The two of them couldn't bite into those onions fast enough!
Life goes on with its normal ebbs and flows, some days better and some days harder, but still all beautiful. I may have dreams and ambitions and fears and hopes, and there are some wishes I would love to see come true. But I wouldn't change my life for anything. The way I see it, it is exactly as it should be and it is a good life, full of exciting challenges, friendships, and love. What it has missing it will have in a matter of time, and what it already has will flourish and grow and get even better. I believe that. And I wish the same for all of you. Have a fabulous week everyone!


Esfand` said...

Yummy, I am hungry now...I want chelo kabab :D

Have a great week Dear Nazy!
Have a wonderful life~

Mansour said...

sallam Nazy khanoom;
i visit yr blog almost on daily routine and I like most of yr wiritings..I would appreciate if I could know yr opinion on this peice:
,,,,He was born almost 75 years ago. I don’t know much about his childhood or his family members. He started working hard just to survive himself and his family. He had to move from home town to peruse better future. He tried his chance in different ways to build up a good settlement in new town ,but none ended up as a big achievement. In mid way to his struggling in to his life he met a girl almost his age. He decided to marry her, not based on love but mostly tradition. They started living together and continued living life like other species created on planet. They procreated to some new beings who some of the died at birth but some were allowed to live and observe their parents struggling in to their life. Three kids grew up with the same age difference and their parents got older at the same rate, but neither one noticed the other one’s change over time. Parents almost gave up for better future for their kids and themselves. They started practicing suffering through their lives and also trained their children how to suffer. To them, they had done their best to their children as parents. Who knows! perhaps they were right! Hanging on to routines for almost 75 years, father got the biggest birthday present in his life. He lost his wife who passed away of a vicious disease. He, himself, died four month and half later. Three gown up kids left the house and bid the whole life on count three for a penny!,,,,,,Thank you very much in advance....Mansour

Nazy said...

Hello Dear Esfand!

Thanks so much for not giving up on me! I have missed you very much. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

Dear Mansour:

Thank you very much for coming to visit me and for your comment.

That was an interesting story, but it was a very sad story. I hope the characters in the story had more fun than the story tells us! I mean, life is full of different kinds of moments, feelings, triumphs, and failures. Nobody's life could be all suffering, can it? What about things than don't need money for bringing happiness? Dancing doesn't cost anything! Laughing doesn't cost anything! Looking at flowers and smelling them and holding our children in our arms are all free but give us a lot of joy. I am sure the people in the story had more fun than we can see. I am sure of it.

Thanks again for visiting me. Please come back again soon.