Naz The Taz!

I spent the weekend continuing to get organized. Long neglected chores and things only I knew hadn't been done in a long time were finally done this weekend. This is a glimpse of what a corner of my walk-in closet looks like now. Heeh! I know this must sound a bit anal to you, but I folded all my clothes and filed them in order of color, so that I don't have to keep looking for things all over the place in the mornings! Well, that is until my whole system is messed up again and I can't find anything anymore! It was fun discovering things I hadn't seen in a long time because I'm not tall enough to see everything on the shelves when they are all messed up! Short and Shelakhteh! That's why I need to get organized, and this was my bit of "closet trivia" for you!
I also did paperwork, filing, cleaning, and cooking this weekend! I was "cooking with gas," as the American expression goes! I was a regular Tazmanian Devil! I still have a little bit of work to do which I will finish tonight, hoping to be back to my normal routine when all the clutter and mess has been cleaned and cleared, freeing my mind to think and to do better. I am doing all of this in preparation for a huge writing project I have to start, knowing that I can't get started on it unless I feel at peace with my environment.
All the time I was cleaning up, I was listening to The Doors. Here's one of their songs which you might enjoy; Spanish Caravan, performed live in Europe in 1968. and while on the subject of The Doors, I would like to show you another thing! John Densmore, the drummer with The Doors, now manages his own record company which concentrates on world music. Watch this interview with him where he talks about his interest in Persian music and how he is working with an Iranian artist, Reza Derakhshani, to create music of peace. Have a great Monday and a fabulous week y'all!


Daisy said...

hehe ;)
I guess you were not the only person who was organizing her stuff this weekend.
I was packing and I ended up organizing my stuff, finding a pair of shoes that I was looking for, and cleaning.
Summer is almost over for me.
good night

آدم گلابی said...

it feels great to clean up one's space. it feels like taking some burden off the soul.
i wish everything goes well and your writing plan be the most rewarding and successful one

peace and love

jeerjeerak said...

very nice job with the closet nazy joonam. My mom brought me something from iran which is a like a big cube, made out of fabric and has a zipper on top. you can stuff cloths in there and fill it up and make a better use of the space in the closet. I think one could find this here in home stores too.

Azita said...

By Looking at the picture,
I see the work of getting all these clothes together,
I see the time and the Taz kind of energy that's gone into it.
Khasteh nabashi Nazy Jan!