Now This!

Rastak Ensemble, a group of young Iranian musicians, plays a Baloochi song on stage in Tehran. Look at those beautiful, talented, young people! Simply joyful! (I'll be back yet again!)


Esfand` said...

wow! this is splendid.... so many traditional instruments played together in such a beautiful orchestra!

Its soo hard to find these many traditional instruments being played together.

Shawhin said...

I loved this one! So much energy

jeerjeerak said...

Likeeee :)

Y!360 said...

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Rastak Music Group said...

Dear Friends,
My name is Behzad and i am Rastak's executive manager, i follow your links from my Google analytic, If you are intrested in our music, we can keep you posted by our activities. Just leave us a message and we will email you.
Thank you for visiting:

Nazy said...

Dear Rastak Music Group:

I love your music! You guys rock! I have sent links to your videos to many of my friends. I wish you guys a lot of success in your work. You guys are so beautiful and talented. My best wishes to all your band members.

Nazy said...

Esfand Jan,
Shawhin Jan,
Jeerjeerak Jan,

Thanks so much for visiting and for listening to the music. I have missed you all.

Rastak Music Group said...

Nazy Jan,
Thank you, please send us email, we will keep you posted,
Esfan, Shawhin and Jeerjeerak too