Harvest of Love

Date Harvest, Boushehr Province, Iran. Photo from IRNA by Hadi Fakhr Ahmad, August 10, 2008.
They look so cool and delicious in the photograph. You can't feel the heat that has been enveloping and nurturing them into ripeness for months. You can't feel the humidity and temperatures that surround and beat down on the farmers bringing these beauties to the homes of millions of Iranians. Soon it will be Ramadan and all the boxes of gorgeous dates, rotab, will be prepared to find their ways into the Eftar spreads of millions. Think about it. How is it possible to be hot and look cool? How can something be so hard to grow and maintain and harvest, and bring so much sweetness and nutrition to so many? Wouldn't it be really wonderful if all of us lived like those date trees, withstanding extreme conditions while all the time preparing a feast for everyone, benefiting others by our fruits? Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone had such a sense of undeterred purpose in life? Today I think I would like to be a tree that blossoms and bears the sweetest fruit in the world. What would it take to be such a tree? Belief, resilience, and love. That's how I would like to live my life. Like a tree that bears the sweet fruit of love.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! It was so close to my soul and all of my old memories!
Nazy jan, your words about date and its taste and the way they use it in Ramadan is a real nostalgia...
Thank you!
Thank you for this nice reminder...

Be happy and everlasting.

Azita said...

Salam Nazy jan,

This post is like a date, sweet and filling!
The date trees need to have the full sun and the warm weather with very little water and fertilizer. Being under the direct sun brings out the sweetness in dates and ripens them.
I suppose we too like the date trees need some external source of love, warmth and positive energy around us, to enable us to tap into our own hidden source of love and the inner “esgh” to become ripened from inside out and give the fruit of sweetness and love to others.


مسعود said...

ایهاالناس!بابا یکی این میوهء رسیده رو بچینه!مگه چشم ندارین،مگه دستتون خدای نکرده چلاقه!یا سیب سرخ نمی خواین؟
سلام نازی خانم
هوااینروزا یکی در میون "خرماپزونه" شرجی حسابی.جند جیز بدون چند چیز نمیشه:گرما بدون هندوانه خنک،غروب رمضان بدون ربنای شجریان،افطار بدون خرما.روز ما هم بدون بلاگ تو

Nazy said...

Dear Parinaz:

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I have written about my feelings about Ramadan before. I'm getting ready to write something about it again soon.

I hope everything has gone well for you. I send you waves of good energy and positive feelings my friend.

Nazy said...

Dear Azita:

Thank you for that thoughtful analogy. Yes, I know what you mean about love giving us energy to love some more. I have so much love in my life, from many different sources, each giving me a different type of love. I must say, though, that during the times in my life when I was in love with a man who was capable of loving me back, I felt my strongest in life. Thank you for coming to visit me. Please come back again soon.

Nazy said...

مسعود مهربان و فکور:
سلام. از هدیهء مهر و طنز ممنونم. امیدوارم این روزها گرمای برای تو خیلی طاقت فرسا نباشد، اگرچه که میدانم گرمای اهواز حتی در ماههای بهاری هم سخت است چه رسد به این ماهها. امیدوارم هرجا هستی شاد و سربلند و سرسبز باشی.

احسان said...

Delicious Kharak. Thanks Nazy jan for sharing this photo. This Boushehri could almost taste Kharak-e kabkaab and rotab-e kabkaab and khiormaa-ye kabkaab in his mouth while reading your post.