Friends All Around

Camera time, everybody! So, here's my young, old friend, sweet Assal. I have known her since the day she was born in Berkeley. She is beautiful, kind, considerate, and generous of the heart. She is also a very good writer, a poet, and a very funny girl all around. She has taught me so much. Many of you know her from her kind and insightful comments in my blogs. I saw her and her beautiful mother, Sheida, at a baby shower this past Saturday. We had a grand old time! I was walking fast down the street yesterday afternoon to run an errand and return to work. I heard someone say "Salam" in Farsi. I turned around. A young man was looking at me. I had never met him before. He said: "Shoma Nazy Kaviani hasteed?" (Are you Nazy Kaviani?). Perplexed, I said "Yes." He introduced himself as Mehdi, a young graduate student in Electrical Engineering at Berkeley. How the heck did he recognize me?!! He said he reads my blogs! Can you imagine the surprise?!! Of course such meetings had happened to me before, but usually at functions and lectures and such, never when I was running down the street like a lunatic! Of course, the minute I got over my surprise, I had to pull my camera out and snap a photo of my brand new friend, Mehdi. Here we are everybody, meet Mehdi. Hint: he must be super smart to be going to Berkeley! And so, I went to my last Persian Literature class of this summer last night. It's always wonderful when July rolls in and I am treated to Dr. Zari Taheri's classes. And it's always sad when the classes end. I love this highly educated and most wonderful human being, my teacher. I'm going to miss her so much. She says she has to stay in Japan for two more years to work on a very special Persian literature research project. Bad for us and good for the Japanese! And speaking of Dr. Taheri's class, I took my friend, Marjan, to last week's class with me. Marjan is a brilliant young blogger who used to live in Southern California. She has just moved up here to attend UC Davis this Fall. She is travelling now. I hope she has a good time wherever she is. So, that was all I could fit in one post! I have some other pictures to share with you, but they will need their own separate posts. I hope you all have a great Friday. I'll write again tomorrow.
P.S. I have started replying to some of your kind comments. I hope I can go back to my routine. I miss it too much!


Daisy said...

Salam, Be aware of cameras Nazy jon. Now that you're a celebrity and people recognize you in the street, you may run into some people who take your picture rather than you take theirs :D
This is just a proof that how many hearts you've inspired by your blog.
Have a wonderful and restful weekend

ps.I was looking forward to this Friday for a long time. I'm going to “This Dance, I Wish…” (Raqsi Chunin) which is an Iranian dance production by Vashton Dance and choreographed by Farzaneh Kaboli. I'm going there with two of my non-Iranian friends. They're fan of cultural activities. I'm happy to see they are as excited as I am.

baloot said...

How do you know Mehdi? He is my smart young friend too and I really really enjoy his company whenever I hang out with him. :)
Nice to see him here and I remember I miss him :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear nazy
wait some day at berkely I say to you salam are you nazy caviani?
dear nazy I give alot of energy from your blog.
tonight I wnat to travel to my childhood and I invite you.If you want come to my blog.
Dear nazy do you have a guest at at your beautiful city?
I hope to see you one day in the future and presnt to you one kaktoos flower.

مسعود said...

دانی که چیست دولت دیدار یار دیدن
در کوی او گدایی بر خسروی گزیدن

از جان طمع بریدن آسان بود ولیکن
از دوستان جانی مشکل توان بریدن

خواهم شدن به بستان چون غنچه با دل تنگ
وان جا به نیک نامی پیراهنی دریدن

گه چون نسیم با گل راز نهفته گفتن
گه سر عشقبازی از بلبلان شنیدن

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کاخر ملول گردی از دست و لب گزیدن

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چون بگذریم دیگر نتوان به هم رسیدن

گویی برفت حافظ از یاد شاه یحیی
یا رب به یادش آور درویش پروریدن

آدم گلابی said...

Nazi jaan!
how i missed commenting here! i have been reading you but have been extremely busy so i made a contract with me: every night i gave myself half hour to read blogs and news on line. and half hour to read a book so that i can go to bed early (Pesarak is up at 5:30 for the day!) hence only reading but no commenting!

good for your friends who live close to you! you are a great source of love and inspiration.

be blissfully happy sweet sweet Nazi!

قلب خوشبخت said...

نازی عزیز دلم سلام
از ایران برات کامنت میذارم،و همچنان غرق لذت و عشق میشم از نوشته های سرشار از مهرت. خوبی و صفای وجود خودت هم در جذب این همه دوستای خوب تاثیر زیادی داره. دوستت دارم و برات بهترین ها رو آرزو میکنم.

نیلوفر said...

سلام نازی جون
مرسی بخاطر لینک وبلاگ مرجان...خیلی حس جالبی بود وقتی می خوندمش...انگار یکی نشسته و این روزها من را نوشته...حس خوبیه وقتی ادم فکر میکنه تنها نیست...که می بینه یک نفر دیگه هم توی این شرایط بوده و جون سالم به در برده...تقریبا همه نوشته هاش را خوندم
مرسی نازی جونم...هفته خوبی داشته باشین

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Lucky you with this circle of nice friends and lucky them with such a nice lady blogger!

Hope you enjoy your time with them.
Be good.