ABC's and Hope

Saman and Neeki Alikhani, Oakland, September 17, 2008.
I have been so stressed and strapped of energy lately. So many different emotions are running through me these days. Some days I feel overwhelmed with feelings which run the gamut from sadness and worry to joy and extreme happiness. The season change from summer to autumn has always had a profound effect on me. I feel this particular season change much more deeply than any other. It could be because I am an autumn child myself and an upcoming birthday is always a reminder of how life goes on for me. This Fall, I am also having a couple of important personal changes in the equation, making it a sad and sweet and at the same special season for me.
When my friend Maryam asked me to join them for dinner after work last night, I couldn't think of a better thing to do with how I am feeling these days. Kayvan and Maryam's is a very young family, with a beautiful little girl, Saman and a cute-as-a-button new baby, Neeki, in the middle of it. The idea of spending time with a young family was so appealing to me. A young family has so much work to do, so many chores to do, so much learning and growth to do, and all that breathless work is laced with the sweet taste of hope. I miss having really young children around me, and the magic and wonder and hope that only babies and toddlers and kids can bring. I went to a home full of love and energy, and sure enough, I returned energized and touched and fixed! Saman went and found Dr. Seuss' book of ABC's, a book I used to read to my children when they were that young. I can't tell who enjoyed reading the ABC's more, me or Saman! I had missed that whimsical book so much! We had delicious, organic khoresh-e karafs and quiche, and I found myself humming something fun to myself in the car, returning from their home. You guys, if you are ever stressed, do try this at your friends' home! Go and observe and absorb and drink the love and hope that runs in a young family.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your posts. I stumbled across your blog recently, and I am so glad that I did so. You sound like such a gentle, contemplative and interesting person. And your writing style is wonderful.

I wonder whether much of your education was in Iran or here, as your English is excellent. And all the best for your upcoming birthday. Mine is also approaching - will be my 40th.

Perhaps your next post can be a reflection about days past, days to come, and birthdays coming and going.

Parinaz said...

Yes Nazy jan; kids and warm families are always refreshing; and these two lovely ones are so cute!!
Glad that you enjoyed a night with them.
Keep writing and be happy.