The Road to Leili's Home

Photo by Nader Davoodi from Iranian.com, September 25, 2008. Poem* on the 100 Tooman bill loosely means "Dangers await on the road to a lover's home; you must be a lover yourself to take your first step."
Something bizarre has been happening with my writing! For the past couple of months I have found myself writing some things that look like poetry! Heeh! I have never written poetry! I don't know the first thing about rhyme and poetic flow. Though it is trying, I'm rather enjoying experimenting with the new form my words are taking these days. I am grateful for the help of two of my friends who are reading what I'm writing these days and are being very supportive. I will show them to you when I'm ready.
In a few hours, my sisters and their families will come to pick me and my son up to drive to Southern California. Ha ha, I'm not packed! I'm sitting here blogging and before this I was working on my volunteer stuff. I'm really excited about getting away from my routine and visiting with my family. A wedding is such a wonderful thing to look forward to, don't you think? Everybody is usually on their best behavior around a wedding, trying to look good and pose well in photographs! Of course the celebration mood helps, too. I'm particularly excited because I get to go away with my sons. We haven't travelled together in ages and it would be nice to watch them interact with their many cousins, aunts and uncles this weekend.
When I see my older son this weekend, I will ask him if it's O.K. with him if I write about a girlfriend he had one summer in Tehran. It is an amusing story which if I am able to pull it off and tell it well, will make you smile. I'll be away from a computer most of tomorrow, so I'll check in and write something tomorrow night if I can. I wish all of you a very good weekend, full of joy, laughter, embraces, kisses, and love. Do dance if you get a chance, too! I will, I'm almost certain of it. Be good y'all.
در ره منزل لیلی که خطرهاست درو
شرط اول قدم آن است که مجنون باشی
تاج شاهی طلبی گوهر ذاتی بنمای
ور خود از گوهر جمشید و فریدون باشی
نکته عشق نمودم به تو هان سهو مکن
ورنه تا بنگری از دایره بیرون باشی

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سلام نازی خانم
من قبلاً اشاره کرده ام که قسمت هایی از مطالبت مثل شعر اند.حالا هم منتظر داستان این گل پسرت می مانم.
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