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On our way to Santa Cruz today, we were talking and listening to Namjoo in the car. My older son was driving.
He said: "I love that music. He is such a cool guy. A very nice guy, too."
I said: "Yeah. He appears that way."
He said: "He really is. Did I tell you I hung out with him?"
I said: "Really?!!! When?!!"
He said: "Oh, he came by last week."
I said: "What?!!! He came by where?"
He said: "To our house. We hung out together and chatted for a while. He is really a very nice guy."
I said: "Mohsen Namjoo came to our house?!!! He walked into the mess that my house is with the two of you?!! When was this? How did this come about?!! Why didn't you tell me?!! Oh My God, was the house a mess?"
He said: "Calm down Mom! He came by with Pouria. They were running an errand and stopped by. Yes, I guess the house was a mess...but he didn't care. We just sat around and talked a bit. He is really nice."
Oh My God! I am sooo embarrassed.


Mojgan said...

LOL I am laughing so hard now! I know exactly how you must have felt Nazy jan.
Don't worry about it though, we always think the house is messy, they don't even see it!
but don't you wish you had walked in on them?

Nazy said...

Oh My God, Mojgan! Can you imagine?!!

I have had to learn and adjust so much in raising two boys. When they were babies and kids, I used to dress them up so nicely all the time. Then came their teen years and I had to face their choices in clothing and hairstyle which were initially "unacceptable" to me. After we went at it for a while, I decided one day that this was their way of expressing themselves and I could not force my taste on them. The day I decided to let go, our relationship as mother and sons entered a wonderful new state.

Then came the mess that goes with having "young guys" in the house. I used to fret and obsess over the state of tidiness and hygiene of the house, inevitably and invariably entering a fight with the two of them every single day. Then I had to quickly improvise and adjust to the situation, deciding that if they kept out of certain areas of the house, namely my bedroom, my bathroom, and the living room, I would let the rest go. I would pass by their rooms and bathroom and the family room with half-closed eyes so I won't see what they have done just to avoid friction and fights.

I like to entertain a lot, but never with a messy house! So, a ritual has developed over the past few years whereby a whole day before I have guests, the house is gutted and cleaned out, mostly by me. I am just so distraught that a guest, a very special guest, has arrived this house and has spent time in the middle of that mess! I asked him what he had served his guests and he couldn't be specific about what he had served! I don't think he served him anything but now doesn't have the heart to tell me!

Heeh! No, I don't wish I had walked in on them. I am wondering now, how hard it would be to see Mr. Namjoo and to disavow any knowledge about those kids and the house he visited?!!

Heeh, but seriously, it's all good and funny, really, don't you think?!

Mojgan said...

If I were Mr Namjoo, I would find you at the next party and make a joke about it just to tease you ;-) but I think he's shy and wouldn't do that.
Since I do have a 22 yr old myself I am sure he was not offered anything, but you know what? I am sure that he was pleased to see a young man who has grown up abroad so tuned in to his music and him, that's why he's made such a good impression on your son. If he was not comfortable or actually even thrilled to be there, he would not have been as "cool" as your son thinks of him.
Relax Nazy jan! it's all good and you have nothing to worry about. I promise!

Daisy said...

I came to visit your blog not expecting to see any new posts especially this one. That was so funny. I laughed so hard. You know Nazy jon, you reacted to this situation as any woman would and your son reacted as any son would. I'm sure Mr. Namjo didn't even notice the mess as any guys won’t. if you ask him what colour was your coach or what kind of paintings was hang on the wall, I bet he won't be able to answer to that. So don't be too hard on yourself and on your son.
take care

Bayramali said...

you should be careful about you home khanoom jan because always a lot of VIP people stop by at your house ;D

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